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System Components for each Solution

Each system below can be chosen by simply clicking on the image of the pager system. For new customers please go to SECTORS and choose your type of business. These solutions below do NOT represent all of the pager systems we can offer so please do contact one of our expert factory trained advisors to define a solution that is exactly right for you.

Restaurant Waiter Pager Systems

Managing communications in a busy restaurant or pub and bar between waiters and chefs can be difficult to say the least. But its one of the key areas for increasing table turns and increasing staff efficiency there is. These waiter paging systems help to give you the control you need to make your restaurant as profitable as possible.

As the leading maker of pagers and other communications solutions we have in this section shown some common configurations of the biggest selling products.

div waiter-paging-systems
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Staff Pagers Systems for all sectors

Staff communications are incredibly important for being effective and increasing production and with these wireless paging solutions that include sms text messaging for on-site or off-site then these pager solutions will positively help.

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Customer, Patient or Guest Systems

Customers, patients or guests that are waiting in many ways are hard to manage effectively. Using these customer paging systems solutions from LRS with our CS7 Pro pager helps you to manage the flow and create an invisible queue.

div customer-paging-systems
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Push Button Systems for all sectors

Push button paging systems are a low cost high customer service solution. Whether you need custom buttons or regular products that suit the decor these stylish call buttons will increase customer service and they are compatible with most pager options.

div push-call-buttons
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Table Tracker for Restaurants

Table tracker revolutionised take to table fast casual food delivery throughout the UK. When a customer places an order, they take the table tracker unit and place it on a table. The system registers where the customer is located. When the food is ready a waiter or runner delivers the food to the table and collects the table tracker unit.

There is full reporting and analytics to ensure that food is delivered fast and efficiently. Table turns are increased.

div table-tracker
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Waitlist Management Systems

Managing customers or patients who are waiting for service or maybe see a specialist is made simple by using the On-cue and other solutions. Calling someone back for their appointment or table has never been easier. This solution uses wireless technology and solutions to send a message alert to a cellphone or pager. The guest or patient then returns. May be used for logistics and hospital applications also.

div waitlist-management
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Marketing Systems

Knowing what customers think about your service or products is an important aspect of running a business. Using dial in phone numbers or card solutions often don't work or only present a tiny fraction of the information you need. Check Point survey system that can collect up to 70% of all information. Simple to use and highly effective at collecting data for later analysis these devices help you to understand your customers. Please note that this solution is now discontinued.

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Business Communication Systems

In general business communication often companies don't typically have good solutions. For example, the two-way radios can't send text messaging or voice communications via landlines. LRS has a number of custom integrated systems and wireless radios that will help to increase staff to staff and staff to customer communication in most business environments.

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Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for all sectors are shown below.

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Complete and Unique Systems for Business and Industry

No matter what problem you have where communication is concerned in your working environment for staff to staff or staff to customers or customers to staff communications we have the answer to help you improve efficiency, service levels, revenue streams. And our survey system will enable you to understand customers or patients in a way not possible by other means.

LRS Featured Products

Below is a list of products that we use to develop custom solutions