Power Supply for Paging System

Power Supply

A power supply designed for 100-240 volts input and for 11 volts output specifically for LRS paging and pagers solutions. Our experts will advise you exactly which power supply you will need for any given system. Fully CE and RoHS compliant.

Please note that using other power supplies on LRS equipment could not only be dangerous but could invalidate your warranty.

Designed for LRS equipment

Made to industry standard specifications; robust and designed to be used professionally; requires 240 volts power input for the UK.

This series of power supply is made to exacting standards internally - so much so that we are proud to confirm that we have never had a single unit fail! While these do cost slightly more than many PSU's that have either compliance, safety, quality issues our power supply is of the highest standard and will not let you down when you base your business on our systems operation.

Fully protected and a 'switched mode' type of power supply, these output in a DC voltage that is required for some of our equipment, but note that not all LRS power supplies are the same and some equipment needs a different unit to operate.

Using alternative power supplies of different voltages can harm your equipment so always use the correct LRS power supply so as not to invalidate your three year warranty.

Power supply cable length is typically two metre long which is adequate for most applications where we use this PSU with LRS equipment. The mains lead is NOT supplied as part of the cost of this power supply, but it is available from us and we will quote for the mains lead as necessary. Our mains leads are usually two metre long also so they work well in most situations. The mains lead is fused for safety as standard.

While we have mentioned approvals above, it is important to know that this power supply is CE approved and we do have available all documentation to confirm that. The unit is also RoHS compliant too which means that there is no lead used in the manufacturing of the unit or its components.

The PSU also has other approvals and standards applied also that ensure that users are kept completely safe from any potential form of electrocution and we can confirm that this supply will close down when there is any form of short to the output of the PSU.

LRS works to ensure that our customers and the general public are safe from using the equipment we sell which is one of the primary reasons we use equipment that is completely compliant with UK regulations as specified by law.

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Power Supply