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Safety is one of the most important aspects in industry and specialised communication solutions to protect staff and contractors from injury while at work or on-site are essential. Careful analysis of business practices and any necessary action in the day to day business will undoubtedly increase profitability while ensuring an efficient and safe working environment. Two-way radio solutions on many sites are the only feasible or often the only effective way to communicate with other staff; new communication solutions include wireless 2 way radio directly to telephone or on-site paging and even internet communication.

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Custom and specific sector solutions continue to be developed by LRS for industry and are available only from LRS and our expert professional team can help specify your exact systems.

Choose a solution below and find out more about these specifically tailored solutions available now. These solutions are tried and tested throughout the United Kingdom in some of the largest manufacturing, building sites, business environments and hospitals; used throughout industry; rest assured that our communication solutions will work exceptionally well and easily fit within your budget.

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Custom Solutions for Industry

LRS has specialist wireless paging system and pager solutions using pagers tailored to exacting standards including new systems for logistics, two-way radios that are designed for the industrial sector, networked PC paging software that utilises task management and staff-to-staff paging. On-site customer communications with acknowledgement of message and custom emergency buttons that can be used for first aid monitoring on-site. Lastly integrated fire-alarm pager solutions protect workers by enhancing communications if there is a fire. These technology solutions are used throughout industry and industrial sectors in the United Kingdom and are proven to be some of the most robust and effective products and solutions on the market. We will work with your company to achieve the best communication solutions while meeting budgets and other requirements that you might have in any area of your business. Please do contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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