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To utilise the worlds leading employees and their skills you need tools that increase their efficiency by using great communications. But also security and safety equipment solutions that can monitor effectively in the financial and corporate sectors. Quality of service to clients is critical. Other aspects of corporate business such as general security of staff and automated fire alarm solutions also are essential in enhancing safety. LRS have a number of leading products including custom paging and two-way radio's or radios for areas such as canteen management, call buttons for meetings in meeting rooms using pagers, integrated fire alarm monitoring pager systems, integrated staff communications and effective computer paging system software are all important to ensure efficiency within the corporate and financial sectors.

These solutions are all tailored to the exacting needs of corporate and financial sectors. Our portfolio of clients is available by contacting us directly. We understand our customer needs and fulfil them accordingly with the best solutions available.

Using new solutions

Specific paging and wireless technology for corporate and financial clients have been developed by LRS.

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Choosing the right solution

With our extensive experience of supplying the leading operators that all need on-site communication systems these solutions are tailored to your exact requirements. As a manufacturer of paging systems, our solutions will ensure that staff efficiency is at a peak, while QOS is improved dramatically. Increasing service levels, or helping staff to achieve their goals is easily achieved with our equipment, which are industry specific and tested to the highest level. Fully approved and ready to help your business.

As the leading supplier of communications solutions since 1993 we offer unique and advanced solutions for corporate and financial sectors. Importantly, our equipment is already used throughout the United Kingdom solving thousands of communication problems for our clients. More recently we have offered many effective tools that can be used to increase security and reduce risks to staff and customers. Recent work in the banking sector used equipment specifically designed for the security of the building and of staff while at the same time allowing staff to notify others in the case of criminal activity. Our equipment is tried, tested and extremely dependable for any application.

LRS Corporate Paging and Wireless Communication Solutions

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