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Unique wireless solutions that increase efficiency and profitability

One of the most important aspects of an opticians practice is handing over the customer from the optician in the test room back to sales staff. It has been proven by the largest opticians in the UK that handover in the test room is exceptionally critical and when correctly done will increase sales revenue, increase close rate and result in a far increased customer satisfaction level. Pioneering work by LRS changed the opticians industry forever. It has been shown that OptiCall™ opticians call buttons have played a major role in helping the UK's premiere opticians gain increased staff efficiency, improve revenues while customer satisfaction is at an all time peak.

These low cost paging button systems can be programmed in many ways and not just for handover of customers. Units comprise of up to six fully programmable buttons that can send a text message directly to staff for any reason that you might need. Being fully customised in this way can actually make the system far more flexible that competitive solutions. We can custom setup a unit to operate with dual functionality if you need it and this will save costs by utilising one unit for many different uses.

Long Range Systems products are used throughout Specsavers and Boots PLC in their opticians. We also supply other customer recall systems for large opticians that are part of a bigger site so that they can easily recall customers when their opticians prescription is ready. No matter what communications issues you may have in your opticians we can help. Our factory trained professional sales employees are here to guide you to the correct specifications and an exact solution to solve your communications problem whatever it may be.

Unique solutions for opticians

Unique sector solutions continue to be developed by LRS for the opticians sector and are available only from LRS;  our expert professional team can help specify your exact systems and requirements that will match your practice perfectly.

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 OptiCall recall solution

LRS OptiCall™ makes the communication from optician to sales staff invisible. Simple to call a team member in to the test room with a customised message, staff will know even before they arrive exactly what prescription the customer will need with messaging from pagers. Industry standard solution that is the favorite choice for opticians that need a reliable wireless communication system for handing over customers. 

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