Sectors of Business

LRS supplies most sectors of business with communications and pager equipment often specifically designed for each sector that we supply. As a manufacturer LRS supplies paging systems and other communications equipment such as two-way radios, electronic survey solutions, waitlist apps and other technology products. Our equipment is closely developed with many sectors to improve the overall effectiveness to users more than any other similar solutions available today.

Our paging systems and pagers are used by leading companies in over thirty industries. Here in the UK they are used in many of the top companies to enhavce efficiency, improve customer quality of service, protect staff and ensure the safety of employees in many situations. Staff communication, customer recall, logistics, healthcare and patient recall, restaurants for staff messaging and customer flow, casinos, manufacturing, industry, marine, health and safety emergency solutions are many of the sectors of business we supply currently.

LRS first developed a coaster paging system back in 1993. Our products use patented technology so you are unlikely to find the same technology elsewhere. Product development has continued and today LRS has for example the only customer pager with two way acknowledgement of receipt of the message sent to the pager. This technology will improve handling of customers that are in any kind of queue. Get the advantage of knowing that when you recall a customer that the system knows that the message was received. No other solution available has these features.

Increasing productivity and efficiency is made easy when you have great communications equipment that is technology led.LRS products and solutions are designed to enhance your business exponentially. Some companies we have worked with that have rolled out our solutions throughout the UK had an ROI of literally ten days. Over seven years later that company is still using the same equipment that we supplied and continues to tell us how we changed their business forever.

New innovation is developed continually by LRS and if you don't see a solution to your exact needs then please do contact our factory trained consultants that can help you to solve any communications problem.

Please check your sector below and we're sure we can help with most communication problems that you might have. If you need any references, we currently supply thousands of companies and can provide complete references about our service and quality from companies at all levels here in the United Kingdom.

LRS Business Sectors

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