PDF Downloads from LRS UK

LRS documents and fliers

Please see below for PDF downloads documents and brochures that pertain to LRS Long Range Systems products available from the UK. While we keep these as up to date as possible please be aware that because products are continually under development that there might be newer specification products or updated PDF's.

You will need Adobe reader or any equivalent program so you can open these PDF download files which is available directly from Adobe systems free. There are also many other programs available to download free to download from the internet but we cannot guarantee that the representation of our PDF files will be correct in any other application not made by Adobe.

Please do contact us directly if you need the latest information regarding any paging products or other solutions that we sell and a professional sales or technical employee will be glad to help.

Product Description PDF Download
LRS E-Book Profitable restaurants turn more tables LRS-Ebook
LRS E-Book Managing the front door with On-cue LRS-Ebook
LRS E-Book Power of customer feedback Checkpoint LRS-Ebook
LRS PC paging brochure Brochure for Netpage Unlimited LRS-pc-paging
LRS CS7 Pro Pager Brochure for the new CS7 Coaster Call Pro pagers LRS-CS7-Brochure
LRS Checkpoint Checkpoint for hospitality brochure LRS-Checkpoint-Hospitality
LRS Checkpoint Checkpoint general sales sheet LRS-Checkpoint-General
LRS Checkpoint Checkpoint for healthcare LRS-Checkpoint-Healthcare
LRS On-Cue On-cue for restaurants sheet - waitlist LRS-On-cue-Restaurants
LRS Alpha pager Alphanumeric 4 line pager sheet LRS-Alphanumeric-General
LRS Rechargeable Alpha Pager Rechargeable Alphanumeric pager flier LRS-Rechargeable-Alpha-Pager
LRS UK Integra Integra fire alarm integrated transmitter Integra-Flier
LRS UK Ultra Ultra fire alarm complete with box flier Ultra-Flier
LRS TX7470 Transmitter The TX7470 for staff paging transmitter TX7470-Staff-Flier
LRS TX7470 Transmitter The TX7470 for customer paging transmitter TX-7470-Customer-Flier
LRS Checkpoint Case Study Checkpoint Alondra Hot Wings case study LRS-Checkpoint-Alondra
LRS On-cue Case Study On-cue Alondra case study LRS-On-cue-Alondra
LRS Table Tracker Case Study Table Tracker case study 'fast casual burger joint' LRS-Table-Tracker-Fast-Casual
LRS Table Tracker Table Tracker general brochure LRS-Table-Tracker
Radios Description Download
HTQ TH-2800 HTQ TH-2800 series brochure two-way HTQ-TH2800
HTQ TH-8000 HTQ TH-8000 Lone Worker radio brochure HTQ-TH-8000
PD3 Series PD3 Series radios brochure PD3-Series
Hytera PD6 Hytera PD6 Flier Hytera-PD6
Hytera PD400 Series Hytera PD400 Series radio flier Hytera-PD400
Kenwood TK3500 Series Kenwood TK3500 Series radios flier Kenwood-TK3500
iCOM ICF61 Series iCOM ICF-61 series brochure iCOM-ICF61
Entel H7200 Series Entel H7200 series intrinsically safe radio brochure Entel-H7200
iCOM F1000-2000 Series iCOM F100-2000 series brochure iCOM-F1000-2000
Opus D8 Opus D8 man down radios brochure Opus-D8
Opus T2 Opus T2 radio brochure Opus-T2
Motorola XT400 Series Motorla XT-400 series radios brochure Motorola-XT-400