Support of LRS Products in the UK

How to contact us for support of Long Range Systems support for the United Kingdom

Simply call 01782 537000 or fill out the form below:

Since we started supplying LRS products back in 2000 we have always strived to offer the best support and technical service that is possible. We currently have multiple combinations of paging systems, pagers, survey solutions and other products but when you buy them from us as a manufacturers office we are more than capable of offering the highest quality service and support because we are a manufacturers office.

Our managing director originated in the service and support sector and not from a sales background so the company always never looses the importance of support for all products that we sell. This aspect of support in itself actually sells more products and is part of the reason for our success in the UK as well as having great products. Its one thing buying any communications equipment, but its an entirely different matter 'after the sale' if where you bought your equipment from is not factory trained, or is not given full and complete technical details about how to repair equipment later. The net result of selling and operating in that way is that the customer will end up being charged for products that could probably be repaired at a far lower cost than replacement.

Our support engineers are all factory trained professionally qualified personnel that know every aspect of the equipment we sell. Because LRS makes the equipment we sell we have at our disposal complete and full technical information to repair products at later stages in their life or to replace under warranty as necessary. We can rework our pagers and other equipment right down to component level which will, if you need a repair, save customers money as opposed to having to buy new replacement equipment because some competitors are just distributors and their focus is purely on sales as they might see repairs as something that affects their profit. At LRS we are different, we always act in our customers interests where costs are concerned and if we can repair any product then we will.

Please note we only support products sold in the United Kingdom for warranty repairs or replacement. If you have any pagers that have been purchased elsewhere but you now use them in the UK then of course we can help if you have any issues.

To be clear and transparent, we will support LRS products not purchased in the UK but at our discretion as to whether we will honor warranty or not. In these cases support is chargeable.

For UK purchased products we do not charge for support while the products are under our warranty.