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The highest level of safety and security for staff and students

When its critical and someone is in any kind of danger, fast efficient communications are essential. LRS paging systems and pager communications have been developed to monitor and offer exacting standards in communications that benefit staff and could save lives of teachers and students in ways that no other solution can. LRS wireless pagers solutions are extremely cost effective and will most likely fit your budget easily. Using these custom communication answers makes everything simple with no complex systems or software to learn; and these systems are used in schools, university, college's, learning centre's, nurseries and more. Trusting staff safety and security to our staff attack solutions is the right choice where budget costs, quality product and longevity of the solution are all important aspects in the choice of buying staff-attack protection solutions that work. These are simply the most effective products available.

Safe, secure and effective communications

Custom and unique solutions for the education sector have been developed by LRS.

Simply choose an image below and click on the bar to find out more about LRS custom tailored solutions that are available. These are tried and tested throughout the United Kingdom in some of the largest Universities, schools and college's. Rest assured that our communication solutions will work for you and fit within your budget.

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Effective budgeted solutions

LRS solutions seen below include wireless two-way radios that can be used for site wide communications, staff paging systems that include PC networked centralised paging and messaging, monitoring against staff attack and integrated fire alarm fault messaging solutions for regular staff, teachers and students but also for the deaf to ensure critical notification in case of a fire. LRS has an incredible range of communication products for your exact needs and as a manufacturer we know we will be within your budget; often LRS can actually supply far more equipment with better warranty than other sources and all custom designed for the education sector.

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Education: LRS Staff Attack and Fire Alarm Solutions

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