Retail Sector

Quality of service improvements in the retail sector

The key to quality of service is communication; poor communications will always downgrade service quality from staff at any level within the organisation. Improving this aspect of retail business is one of the main challenges of most retail outlets but it is not possible without the tools to achieve this. LRS solutions have been developed over a long period of time and are used throughout the world and the UK as one of the primary leaders in the field of wireless communications in retail today. Solutions for fitting rooms are designed to increase staff and customer communication.

Customised solutions

Unique retail sector solutions continue to be developed by LRS for the retail sector and are available only from LRS;  our expert professional team can help specify your exact systems and requirements that will match your operation precisely and perfectly.

Choose a solution below and find out more about these custom made solutions available now for retailers. These are tried and tested throughout the retail sector from the smallest to the largest companies here in the UK; rest assured that our wireless communication solutions will work exceptionally well and easily fit within your budget.

Our no quibble 14 day trial ensures that these specific solutions will be suitable for retailers.

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Custom solutions for the high street

We customise solutions to clients exacting needs which vary enormously dependent on the size of the retail outlet and our factory trained technical professionals will help every step of the way; managing wait lists of customers increases service quality and effective staff communications are essential for high quality service levels; call buttons used in changing rooms with pagers substantially enhance the customer experience while radios are proven to be the most effective communication method for security; custom buttons are a way of developing retail branding over a solution for customisation work that will continue to enhance the brand long term; false alarms can be costly in a retail environment and can be kept to an absolute minimum with integrated alarm solutions. These unique solutions are all from LRS the leading brand for retail solutions in the UK today.

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LRS Retail Solutions Available

Choose from our custom developed solutions for the retail sector