Retailing Customer Paging Systems and Solutions

Improving customer service standards

In any busy retail store there will be times when customers are waiting in a queue. But they hate queues and the effect is twofold; firstly the customer is being prevented from shopping and secondly your customer service levels will be seen as less than perfect. Keeping the standards at the highest level gives your store the advantage over other outlets. Removing a queue sounds impossible? but with a customer paging solution its simple to allow customers to continue to shop thus eliminating that queue. Managing customer queues is simple with our pager solutions and staff will be more efficient and be able to spend more time on customer service level improvements. Some of our solutions allow messaging from a computer, a stand alone transmitter or even our small six push buttons are all affordable.

Ensure the customer gets messaged

Customer pagers are the perfect way to allow customers to shop; your sales staff give a pager to the customer and note the customers location in the managed queue. Customers can explore the whole store and when they need recalling the customer pager will vibrate or flash to inform them they need to return. One key feature of these solutions is that once the pager receives a message it sends back an 'acknowledgement message' that it received the message - a feature not found on any other solution, but a massive improvement because retail staff are safe in the knowledge that the customer did receive the recall..

Basic customer paging solution

CS7 is the latest technology paging system recall solution available to retail stores; supplied with different transmitters depending on range needs and other transmitter specific features; there is also an optional CS6 that does not include this feature and this is supplied depending on the transmitter required for the solution.

Extended range available. 

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Customer Paging System

High power customer paging system

Instant paging or SMS text improves communication and allows customers to go off-site. Powerful enough for most areas on-site and simple to deploy and use. Desk mount and mains powered. Contact customers at the press of a button in an elegant affordable package. The CS7 pager is the latest technology for customer recall available; now includes an 'acknowledgement of receipt' of the message sent to the CS7 pager. The solution 'knows' when the customer received the alert. No other system does this and they tend to be a 'hit or miss' solution.

Range is up to two miles in open air and range extenders are available. SMS Text is worldwide.

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High Power Customer Paging System

Customer waitlist PC paging system

Contact customers from any standalone PC or networked computer running windows 7 or later. Included wait-list management or advanced option available to manage customer flow from start to finish; sms messaging is simple to send with unlimited range so customers can roam even off-site if they wish.

It works on multiple sites that have internet connectivity; fully compatible with our TX7470 and TX7470-232 transmitters. It works with all pagers that LRS make.

Increase communications beyond on-site only.

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Customer PC Paging Solution

Customer wait-list management

On-cue unleashes incredible ability for complete recall of customers like no other solution available today; a free application that runs on an iPAD for perfect wait list management. An out of the box solution that helps you with waiting customers; our PC paging solution is perfect for the larger organisation.

Increase communications to almost anywhere with text messaging.

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On-cue Wait List Management

Call or Push Buttons

Call Button unit perfect for changing rooms that messages to staff by customers by simply pressing a button; Suitable for other uses such as unmanned areas; it can be wall mounted or desktop placed; buttons are custom programmed for specific use. A low budget communication solution that can have increased range with our repeater technology.

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Pronto Call Button

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the retail sector are shown below.

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