Pronto Push Buttons

The Perfect Call Buttons Solution

The LRS Pronto one or six-button paging system gives customers or staff the ability to request assistance from someone on-site immediately. With six buttons, each one can be programmed with a unique message delivered to one or many pagers. Staff or employees can send a silent page with one touch of a button. An alert is delivered to anyone in your building wearing an LRS messaging pager or to a specific individual for action to be taken.

The Pronto has an inbuilt feature not found on any competitive equipment - its called 'swipe technology'. This LRS developed technology is extremely powerful when used in the correct way. An example may be that when a button on the Pronto is pressed the Pronto sends out a message to a number of staff (or a group). Each person will receive the message. The first staff member that responds simply 'swipes' the pager over the pronto and a second message is automatically sent out that notifies the other staff that the call has been handled. This technology alone makes the Pronto a 'must have' solution for many applications and leaves competitive products at a major disadvantage.

Range on the pronto is around 100 metres in open air that is easily capable of covering most business such as opticians or regular retail stores. If further range is required then there is a 'range extender' that can transmit the message as far as two miles in open air.

For operations where the Pronto is used for a single use and for simplicity the single large button Pronto unit may be a better option than the six button device. However some clients have used the six button unit with all buttons programmed to one message so whichever button is pressed the same staff are contacted with the same singular message.

Low cost and instant return on investment

With the LRS pronto push for service buttons installed in your premises customers can call for service by choosing the message that best suits their query. Fully programmed free of charge these buttons have a typical range of 100 metres as stated above. Pronto works on two batteries or optionally a mains powered supply.

Although the pronto and the OptiCall look similar the OptiCall has other features not found on the pronto unit. The pronto works with all of the LRS text pagers.

Attentive employees are the key to a successful operation. LRS push-button devices help improve your business’ response rates tremendously through good communication. Whether an employee requesting the contact of another member of staff, or customers needing service pronto will resolve those issues. Offering your employees the ability to attend to customer needs efficiently increases customer satisfaction and can improve productivity.

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