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Who is LRS?

The leader in providing all on-site wireless and paging systems, pager communications and software.

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Long Range Systems UK has helped thousands of companies to increase efficiency and productivity with our cost effective paging systems and solutions. LRS pager equipment is now used in over 100,000 sites worldwide and here in the UK over 20,000 happy customers. Customers includes Healthcare and Hospital, Restaurants, Hospitality, Hotels, Education, Manufacturing, Health & Safety, Marine and more. In fact since 1989 we can safely say that we can help nearly every sector of business. Whether Pagers, Paging Systems, Two-way Radios, Wait List Apps, Wireless Call Buttons, Survey Solutions or other communications we have the solution that will enhance your business. Customers and guests love our pager range because of increased customer service.

Our extremely professional and passionate friendly staff can assess, develop and support every aspect of your needs with paging systems or communications. As a manufacturer our pager systems have been proven many times in most sectors. LRS paging system quality is guaranteed - and used in thousands of restaurants, cafe's, pubs and bars, hotels and other sectors.



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