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In one of the most demanding sectors in the UK its critical to have reliable communications between staff-to-staff and staff-to-patients. LRS has developed custom communications solutions now with pager acknowledge features for exactly these problem areas that ensures the system knows that the patient or staff did receive the message. Staff paging systems can be from a simple standalone solution using our technology to computer PC networked solutions that can even page staff or patients off site to their cellphone if necessary; efficiency escalates to levels that is not achievable in any other way. Staff safety can be an important aspect in health care, with patient pressures often mounting because of inevitable delays and the staff attack solution developed for health care from LRS can literally save lives.

Custom paging systems and communication solutions for healthcare and hospitals

Custom and unique communication solutions for the healthcare sector have been developed by LRS and are available now.

Choose a solution below and find out more about LRS tailored custom communication available. These answers to problems are tried and tested throughout the United Kingdom in some of the largest healthcare environments and hospitals including the NHS; ask for references; rest assured that our communication technology will work exceptionally well and fit within your budget.

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Effective management tools

Patient flow within busy health care and hospitals is critical to ensure that time is managed effectively and that patients are not kept waiting; LRS wait list management tools help alleviate patient delays and contribute to a far more efficient department. In many hospitals' wireless call buttons are not always available for a multiplicity of reasons; LRS call buttons paging systems are portable and are capable of paging staff to their pagers on the ward or are useful for specialist to staff communications. Lastly when there is a fire, sometimes its not possible to determine if its just a routine fire drill, a false alarm or whether there really is an emergency. LRS UK Integrated fire alarm pager solutions are low cost and meets industry standards to ensure that personnel and fire marshals are well informed about fire alarms to take corrective action.

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LRS Healthcare Solutions

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