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Manufacturing faces some extremely difficult tasks of ensuring that firstly staff are operating safely and the company is operating within the law; from our extensive experience with manufacturers often the key to continued success are the practices and procedures involved and applied by the company. Making an efficient but safe working environment that also enhances production and could reduce any down time or production losses will increase revenues. On-site wireless radio and paging system recall communications are really one of the major tools available that manufacturing can utilise. LRS has developed many very specific solutions for manufacturing communications and these solutions are used throughout the United Kingdom in many well known manufacturers sites even in areas where you might not think we could help.

Designed for manufacturing

Custom and specific sector solutions continue to be developed by LRS for manufacturing and are available only from LRS and our expert professional team can help specify your exact systems and requirements.

Choose a solution below and find out more about these specifically tailored solutions available immediately. These solutions are tried and tested throughout the United Kingdom in some of the largest manufacturing, building sites, business environments and hospitals; rest assured that our communication solutions will work exceptionally well and easily fit within your budget.

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Solutions that are safe, secure, and monitored

LRS designed solutions have been tried and tested in Nissan, Phillips, JCB, Toyoda and other major manufacturers. We've helped with emergency call buttons using pagers on production for the lowest cost solution in the UK; LRS no queue delivery truck management is used in Kuehne Nagel in the UK over a 1m square foot site. Visitor paging has an acknowledge feature that ensures your visitors are paged when needed. LRS two-way radios and lone worker or man down solutions are custom developed for exacting standards and with other enhancements that we have developed it is possible to use wireless radios to telephone, pagers or internet communications easily. Paging software can enhance staff-to-staff or staff-to-visitor communication while managing visitor appointments. LRS integration to fire alarm systems ensures that all staff and visitors are alerted when there is a fire alarm and the necessary actions can be taken without delay.

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LRS Manufacturing Solutions

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