Hotel Sector Communication Solutions

How to achieve the highest quality of service

Without question, communications from LRS improves the quality of service out of all proportion to hotels that don't use these solutions and is very low cost to own. Offering the best service and care that is possible by increasing efficiency and productivity through great communications is one of the main goals that can be achieved easily with the right tools from LRS. In the very competitive world that hotels operate in it is important to maximise profitability through efficiency without compromising the care or service offered to guests.

Importance of reliable communication

We have supplied hotels in the UK since back in 2000 so we completely understand how hard it can be to operate successfully in the hotels sector. Staff-to-staff, staff-to-guest and other communications with paging systems, pagers and other technologies will enhance the customers experience within your hotel; ensuring that the hotel operates within the law for lone workers who are often night porters is a necessity and identification of other key factors by our experts will improve the overall operation considerably. As a manufacturers office we have a complete team of professionals with knowledge for your exact solutions and often we can custom develop systems that fit your needs perfectly.

Solve every problem with LRS pagers and communication solutions

Unique pager solutions for hotels continue to be developed by LRS and are available only from LRS;  our expert factory trained professional team can help specify your exact systems and requirements that will match your operation precisely and perfectly.

Choose a solution below and find out more about these custom made solutions that are available now. These are tried and tested throughout the hotels and hospitality sector from the smallest to the largest companies here in the UK; rest assured that our wireless two-way radio communication solutions will work exceptionally well and easily fit within your budget.

Our no quibble 14 day trial ensures that these specific solutions will be suitable for your sector.

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Custom solutions

While many companies just have 'off the shelf' high cost solutions LRS has developed a number of specialised products and solutions specifically for the hotel sector. Custom wireless call buttons for meeting rooms made to your design that enhance the guest experience while guest communications through pagers or use of a cell phone option improve service quality. Guest recall incorporates the latest technology in pagers and includes an 'acknowledgement' so that factually the paging system knows when a guest is out of range. Specialist wireless 2 way radios help staff-to-staff communicate effectively while the integrated fire alarm and emergency solutions ensure staff and guest safety and will allow you meet current legislation regarding deaf persons with our 'DeafSafe' system. Feedback from some of the largest hotels in the UK tells us that our hotel solutions have improved their operations dramatically.

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LRS Hotel Paging and Communication Solutions

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