Hotel Guest Paging Solutions and Systems

Paging and waitlist management for guests

Managing guests who are waiting is a very important aspect of offering great service. Guests waiting create a queue that is off-putting to new guests that could otherwise participate. Guest paging systems allow you can control the return times exactly and create an 'invisible queue' that no one sees. Increased guest flow increases efficiency and profitability. Effective waitlist management with LRS applications take the management of guests to the next level increasing service levels dramatically and reducing staff stress levels.

The pager that is given to a guest can flash or vibrate when it is paged to recall the guest. Some of our solutions allow paging and messaging from a computer, a stand alone transmitter or even our small six push buttons are all affordable.

Fast return on investment

Simple to install and often configured before delivery, pagers can be working in minutes. The typical return on investment is just a few weeks by turning tables in restaurants quicker. Increased efficiency increases the quality of service that customers enjoy which has a direct effect on your business' revenue stream.

Basic guest recall

CS7 is the latest technology for guest recall available; supplied with any one of a number of transmitters depending on range requirement and other transmitter specific features; CS7 which is developed from  coaster call now includes an 'acknowledgement of receipt' of the message sent to the CS7 guest pager. There is also an optional CS6 that does not include this feature and this is supplied depending on the transmitter required for the solution.

Extended range available. 

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Guest Paging System

High power guest paging system

Instant paging or SMS text improves communication. Powerful enough for most areas on-site. Simple to deploy and use. Desk mount and mains powered. Contact guests simply at the press of a button with on-site or off-site messaging in an elegant affordable package. CS7 pager is the latest technology for guests recall available; now includes an 'acknowledgement of receipt' of the message sent to the CS7 pager. The solution 'knows' when the guest received the recall. No other system does this.

Range is up to two miles in open air and range extenders are available. SMS Text is worldwide.

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High Power Guest Paging

Guest Waitlist PC paging system

Contact guests from any standalone PC or networked computer running windows 7 or later. Included wait-list management or advanced option available to manage guest flow from start to finish; sms messaging is simple to send with unlimited range so guests can roam even off-site.

Many site communication is easy if you have internet connectivity; compatible with our TX7470 and TX7470-232 transmitters. It works with all pagers we make.

Increase guest communications beyond on-site only.

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Guest PC Paging

Guest wait-list management

On-cue unleashes incredible ability for complete guest recall like no other solution available today; a free application that runs on an iPAD for perfect wait list management that will create the invisible queue. Reduce walkaways and increase guest service levels. An out of the box solution that can easily help you with waiting guests; and our PC paging solution is perfect for the larger hotel.

Increase guest communications beyond on-site only. Check out our waitlist solutions for hotels below.

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On-cue Wait List Management

Unmanned reception solution

A one or six button unit perfect for unmanned reception paging to staff by the guest; it can be wall mounted or desktop placed; buttons are custom programmed for specific use. A low budget communication solution that can have increased range with our repeater technology.

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Pronto One or Six Call Button

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the hotel sector are shown below.

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