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Netpage Unlimited PC Paging Solution

LRS NetPage Unlimited is an on-site, multi company-wide, web-based messaging solution. Easily send a task assignment to staff members. Use PC's or a networked device to notify guests and even keep them up to date. Schedule individual or global messaging for important events. Manage tasks through to completion by staff. This office paging system will guarantee wide range coverage with multiple messaging options including mobile phone text messaging, email, or pagers.

It is possible to manage users within NetPage unlimited by individual, department or whole company. This is a perfect feature whereby an employee may (for example) be designated a wait list feature but is not allowed to issue tasks to other employees. The system is such a flexible tool for business communications it can literally be used in every sector we supply today. Wherever customers or patients are waiting the NPU offers two types of wait list. Our 'standard' wait list is suitable for most situations but there is also an optional enhanced wait list for healthcare, hospitality and other sectors that increase the usability of NetPage unlimited exponentially for those applications.

Unique communication solution

Manage Staff Members

As your company expands and your needs increase, users and locations can easily be added to your Netpage Unlimited system. NPU grows as your company grows and minimizes use of the office phone system. No matter the size of the facility or the number or employees, delegate tasks, set company-wide alarms, reach specific staff members in time-sensitive situations, or alert maintenance in the instance of broken pipes or burned out light bulbs. And, you’ll never need repeaters to extend range coverage.

Guest or Patient Notification Paging

NetPage Unlimited is not just for staff paging. Now, you can easily generate electronic wait lists and call your customers via pager or mobile phone, so your customers are no longer tied to a waiting room. NetPage Unlimited even has the ability to share wait lists so you can have one person assigning pagers to customers and another staff member paging them when it’s their turn. Unlike an office phone system or overhead paging, NPU will collect wait time statistics, so you can evaluate your staff needs during peak times. Reporting is also available and highly recommended.

Range on Netpage unlimited really is unlimited as long as you have an internet connection and the solution is easily integrated in to worldwide office communications. Offices at different locations can easily be included to operate on NetPage unlimited and is completely seamless in operation. Recall of customers and /or patients is simple and there's an integrated wait list management tool as described above.

Please download the PDF for full description of the Netpage Unlimited solution.

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