Table Tracker for Restaurants

The only solution that directs you to the exact customers table

Working in hospitality, restaurants or pubs and bars when food is ready for delivery it can be an enormous task when its really busy to find the customer to deliver the food to. Hard to locate customers lead to poor service, cold food, increased costs and generally inefficiency of staff time throughout the business. Table Tracker table location system can provide important metrics for your business obtainable no other way so that decisions are based on facts and not just a hunch.

Improving staff efficiency in restaurants results in better service levels, reduced costs through less cold food deliveries and faster table turns throughout the establishment with the table tracker solution. Available using a PC with windows or for Version 3 now either operating on Apple iPad's or fully integrated in to your KDS or ePos system. And for complete 'out of sight' under table tags our Pro version is used throughout the UK.

A new feature is the Table Tracker 'basic' system that can work similarly to the Pro version but is far lower cost where finances are critical. Lastly, we now have a Tracker basic system that can even be self installed by the customer with free technical support available. This solution breaks the price barrier of every competitive solution out there and starts from just £2795.00 plus VAT. Check Tracker Basic.

We understand the needs of our customers and our professional factory trained staff certainly can help to specify an exact solution for your needs and ensure that your Tracker system operates perfectly.

Fast return on investment

Proven over and over in the UK that return on investment of the table tracker solution remains at just a few months; the gains achieved by installing and using table tracker will undoubtedly continue for years. Main advantages of table tracker include:

  • Food delivered directly to the table
  • Reduce delivery times typically by one minute per order
  • Customer acknowledgement of great service socially
  • Increase time spent with customers
  •  Managers can easily obtain custom and uniqueviews to data that could be achieved with no other solution
  • LRS expertise and use of proprietary technology drives table tracker from the inside out; the engineering customers have come to expect from LRS
  • LRS team of professionals always available throughout the process to help implement, train, launch and service your business.


Table Tracker Systems

Table tracker solutions are available in basic format with table plaques or the professional version with complete table tagging under tables. Both systems have optional reporting online and include custom reports with LRS Connect and consolidation of sites as well as downloadable data for further analytics. Options include staff pagers. New TT Basic self install available.

How it works

ORDER: A tracker is given to a customer when they order.

LOCATE: The Tracker identifies the customer's table and broadcasts its location.

DELIVER: The food runner references the order view to identify a guest's location and delivers the food.

ANALYSE: Orders are color-coded to indicate if they're on-time, nearing their goal, or late. Reports keep management informed of trends and opportunities for improvement.

Table tracker lets you leverage big data to make more informed decisions

  • Online Reporting Portal - Access reports from a single or multiple locations to view historical and comparative performance metrics.
  • Table Tracker API - API access to integrate with an existing solution or to access data directly

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