TX7470 Freedom Transmitter

All Purpose Transmitter with Acknowledge Modes

The new T7470 freedom transmitter from LRS includes an RJ-45 port for interfacing to any equipment that can work with IP addresses for communication. It works with all of our products and has a unique feature that makes the T7470 series probably the best solution available for paging systems today. The T7470 series has an ability (working with some pagers) to receive an 'acknowledgement' page back from the pager to confirm that the pager received the message. SMS text paging is also an option and this is only available on LRS products.

One feature of the unit that is sometimes overlooked is the ability to collect information as it is used. There is a 'promo' button that allows staff to collect information such as an email address of customers for example. These email addresses are given freely by customers for further communication from the company so can be used later. Once the emails are entered on to the TX7470 the unit will store them and it is possible to download the data at a later date for processing by the company. A internet connection is necessary to use this important feature. No other transmitter on the market has this facility for enhanced marketing data collection in this way.

The unit can also be used in other 'modes' of operation depending on the system that you use. There is a 'repeater mode', a mode for use with our NetPage unlimited that allows this transmitter to communicate over computer networks and more. Overall one of the most flexible transmitters on the market.

RJ-45 interface

Made to exacting specifications this new transmitter can be easily hooked up to any device that can communicate over RJ-45 to an IP address; stand alone solution but perfect for integration to many systems and kitchen management solutions. This unit is used throughout the United Kingdom and is one of the biggest selling units that LRS has.

Pager used with this unit is developed from  coaster call now includes an 'acknowledgement of receipt' of the message sent to the CS7 - unique in the industry.

Two dry contacts that are typically used for door bells, reception button paging, night telephone integration to page the night porter when working around the building or even fire alarm paging. Used in most sectors.

Output power is 1 watt and can easily cover one mile in open air. Buildings reduce the range of all transmitters but by using our range extender this unit could easily cover up to 1/2 square mile on-site.

Full API and XML codes available if you need to interface to this device from your solutions.

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TX7470 Freedom Transmitter with RJ-45