Stadium and Arena Communication & Paging Systems Solutions

Crowd control

The importance of great communications wherever there is a multiplicity of customers or patrons to manage is extremely high. Anywhere crowds of people are involved brings with it a massive responsibility to ensure that people are managed effectively and efficiently taking safety in to account. With increased threats these days from factions intent on maiming or killing you simply cannot choose any solution that is anything but top notch. Communications is the key to success. If you are recalling customers because their turn in the 'rink' (for example) is available or whether its an emergency involving health and safety or first aid staff the paging systems and wireless two-way radios and our other solutions available are custom developed for exactly this sector of business. Our technology products save lives in this important sector of business.

Solutions that help your business

Specific communication solutions for the stadium and arena sector including monitor solutions have been developed by LRS.

Simply choose an image below and click on the bar to find out more about our specific tailored solutions available. These solutions are tried and tested over and over again throughout the United Kingdom in some of the largest clients. Rest assured that our communication solutions will work for you and fit within your budget.

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Unique and effective alarms and security

LRS stadium and arena solutions including two-way radios and custom wireless paging systems with acknowledgement are the leading brand worldwide and are a preferred choice of this type of technology available today. Our clients operate theme parks, bowling, skating, football stadiums, music arenas and more diverse sectors. Each one benefits from increased staff-to-staff and customer or guest effective communications without over budget costs. LRS solutions include PC paging systems using pagers throughout a network, leading two-way radios for security and staff communication and our crowd management software that is simple to use. Custom wireless call buttons paging for executive suites and many forms of on-site to off-site communications with walkie talkie radios complete the options available and all at pricing and exceptional warranties that only manufacturers like ourselves can offer.

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LRS Stadiums and Arena Paging System and Wireless Radio Solutions

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