Zigbee Table Tracker Unit

Zigbee Table Tracker

The LRS table tracker unit operates by 'sensing' the tag under the table or on the dock if you buy a non-pro solution; can be customised as shown in the image below (the green unit) or used as standard in 'silver' colour; there is no limit to the number of units you can have on-site;  exceedingly robust; table tracker locates patrons to their exact table and if they change table for some reason table tracker will follow; saves revenue losses through cold food deliveries and enhances the customer experience beyond anything else for take to table location solutions. Our Zigbee repeater works with this product.

The tracker units are used throughout the United Kingdom in some of the worlds most famous names since 2012 and the response from our clients shows just how effective these units and the tracking system are.

Robust and incredibly powerful

Made to above industry standard specifications; designed to be used professionally in restaurants for locating customers exact position and table in the restaurant; no-compromise solution for fast casual restaurants.

The table tracker unit is specifically developed to be used with RFID technology. It is possible to customise the unit as shown on the right but please be aware that custom labels do carry a cost.

The tracker unit has a number of functions including the ability to page it as if it was a customer pager. Many customers do not use that feature, but for example if used in a take away setting then that feature certainly will be used.

There are three pins on the unit for charging purposes and these trackers 'stack up' above each other to reduce the charging footprint in busy working areas. In fact the charging area is exactly the size of just one tracker unit.

The battery used on this unit is Lithium Polymer and that battery was chosen so that high power and charge retention is paramount. The tracker can easily handle a 8 hour use off charge, but it is common practice to ensure that all trackers when not in use are placed back on a charger for optimal use.

These tracker units work over some range and a typical large restaurant of fast casual site with up to 120 tables or more is easily handled as are outdoor tables on the system.

As you can see in the images there is a solid rubber bumper designed right in to the tracker unit. This bumper makes the tracker more robust than other designs and can help to minimise damage if the unit was to get dropped by staff or customers. LRS UK offers a three year warranty for products that have not been damaged by the user and the failure relates to manufacturing defect.

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Zigbee Table Tracker Unit