Custom Outdoor Table Top Mat For Table Tracker

Customised Outdoor Table Top Mats for Table Tracker

LRS Table Tracker can utilise fully customised outdoor waterproof table top mats for even metalized tables so it's possible to brand these units to your exact needs.

Any design can be used on these custom table top mats either as shown or full colour. Using the highest quality 3M materials that sandwich ferrite material inside ensures that these mats can not easily be tampered with; so reliable we have never had one fail in service. Other designs than just the one shown are possible.

Unique designs available

Custom unique outdoor table top waterproof mats enhance Table Tracker for your branding; templates are available for your design department to use. No matter what conditions outside, these outdoor table top mats for table tracker will work incredibly well and are completely impervious to water or damp conditions. Utilising an internal ferrite core stops metal tables from affecting the locators operation.

As can be seen the shown table top mat can have advertising on the top surface that is protected with a anti vandal proof covering. These mats can be almost any size. The mat shown clearly is for use on a large table but we often make much smaller mats for different clients with many different designs. While we can make these outdoor mats in full colour depending on your needs, full colour livery increases the cost of the outdoor mat so please do bear that in mind.

For tables that have a metal surface we have to supply the table top mat with a ferrite layer inside the mat and this can be expensive especially for large mats. The ferrite stops the metal in the table from affecting the use of the table mat so it is essential for tables with high metal content.

There is nothing to maintain about an outdoor mat except to say that it needs cleaning when required and it is impervious to whatever the weather conditions are in general. Customers with glass table tops have historically used indoor mats placed under the glass surface to reduce costs and we have found that to work exceptionally well in all conditions with no failures to date spanning over around five years of operation.

Whatever your design, whatever your circumstance of tables, whether indoors or outdoors table tracker is able to be installed. Because of the technology we use within the solution this system is the most accurate and has sold more systems than any other competing system in the UK by a very long way. It is likely that you will see tracker in many places that you visit and those corporate companies don't buy this technology unless it works for them - and it will work for you too.

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Outdoor Tabletop Mat Table Tracker