T7470-232 Transmitter

All Purpose Transmitter with Acknowledge Modes

The new T7470-232 from LRS features a serial port for interfacing to any equipment that can work with RS-232 (there is also a USB version). It works with all of our products and has a unique feature that makes the T7470 series of transmitters probably the best units available for paging systems today. The T7470 series has an ability (working with some pagers) to receive an 'acknowledgement' page back from the pager to confirm that the pager received the message that is only available on LRS products.

Anywhere that there is an ability to send out through a serial port (RS-232 port) the TX7470-232 can work. Integrating this unit in to production lines with Allen Bradley equipment, to a computer, to POS systems or even emergency paging solutions this transmitter will work. This transmitter is powerful too, with a range in open air of up to two miles it is likely that coverage may well be adequate for most applications. We also can supply range extenders that can 'chain' together for very large site operation.

This transmitter is used throughout the United Kingdom in very well known companies integrated in to kitchen automation systems from Logwood, Zonal and QSR Automations to name but a few. Used with POS systems integration is simple and we are able to help any POS company technically. Paging staff or customers could not be easier.

Using the TX7470-232 transmitter with PC software allows perfect integration of paging over computer networks. That solution can control users by login information so that they can carry out only tasks that they are authorised to do. The TX-7470-232 is an all round transmitter for use when regular handled transmitters are an incorrect option and where external control of all paging is carried out by input through a serial port. The unit uses our regular UK power supply operating from mains power and is available ex-stock.

This transmitter (as all of our equipment) is CE and RoHS compliant and operates on frequencies in the United Kingdom that are specified by Ofcom. 

RS-232 interface

Made to exacting specifications this new transmitter can be easily hooked up to any device that has a serial port; perfect for epos systems and kitchen management solutions; this unit us used throughout the United Kingdom and is one of the biggest selling units that we have.

Output power is 1 watt and can easily cover one mile in open air; buildings reduce the range of all transmitters but by using our range extender this unit could easily cover up to 1/2 square mile.

Full API and XML codes available if you need to interface to this device from your solutions.

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TX7470-232 Transmitter with Serial Port