Table Tags for Table Tracker

Custom Table Tags for Table Tracker

These LRS under table tags have been proven to be the most cost effective solution available for customers who use the professional option of table tracker; these tags use less per square metre and have a far higher pickup ratio than regular tags; penetration through thick materials has been proven to be less of an issue when this custom tag is utilised on the table tracker system.

In fact we have carried out extensive tests to ensure that these tags will operate through very thick materials typically used for table tops.


Made to above industry standard specifications; designed to be used professionally; requires no power whatsoever and is self adhesive for prolonged use.

While the tag shown is the original style that we introduced to the UK some while ago we now have complete strips of tags (comprising of ten tags) that are waterproof so those can easily be used outdoors if necessary. These waterproof tags also make installing tags faster and those can have an effect on the installation charge.

All tags that we sell are preprogrammed for customers specific needs (a free of charge service) and are designed for specific tables as confirmed from customer comments.

We can supply tags either in the original format or in the newer waterproof strips depending on your needs and typically the cost of five original tags is the same as one strip of waterproof tags. The surface coverage is equal, but in the case of the waterproof tags there are more tags on the waterproof strip which makes the strip even more effective in use.

It is possible to use these tags integrated in to other equipment. For example our table top dock uses a tag internally and programed in a different way, so if there is a requirement for tag integration in to a specific device that may be possible.

While tags can be bought generally, please note that LRS tags are proprietary and alternate supplies of tags will not work with our table tracker system. Tags are frequency specific and have to be custom programmed to work with our tracker system so anything else is just not going to work.

Tags are always available at LRS UK and we can supply on a next day service if needed. Our tags come with a 3 year warranty as standard.

Our original tag is round and sized at 11.5 cm in diameter and our tag strips measure 15 cm x 58 cm - calculated with a small gap on the original tags it's easy to see that one strip equals five tags.

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Under Table Tags for Table Tracker