Four Line Alphanumeric Pager

Text pagers suitable for staff communications

Text paging has been a favorite method of communications for years and there's a good reason for that. Its simply one of the easiest ways to increase staff communications there is and this four line alpha pager is ideal for staff efficiency improvements for most sectors of business.

Alpha pagers are of course not new, but you will find in very many instances that they can be difficult to use or have hard to read screens or other limitations (often found on cheap low cost products). That's not the case with LRS text pagers that are USA developed and we have multiple features available on the unit. We can even set up the pager so that it turns on and off at shift times. This one feature alone extends battery life dramatically compared to most other brands. We also sell a leather case for this pager that helps to protect it against damage from being dropped in extremely hard use areas or production lines where pagers can receive a very hard life. The unit can store the last 25 messages that it has received for later check of reception of the message if necessary.

This unit is used often by management in many sectors and is small enough to be completely operational but also very unobtrusive if that is a consideration for its use. This text pager can be used with any LRS transmitter so its a very good choice for any application where you need messaging between employees. The unit comes with a plastic holder as standard but we also offer a leathercase optionally.

Four line alphanumeric pager

The E467 Alphanumeric Pager is a simple and straightforward communication solution. Businesses can page or notify workers when they are needed or delegate tasks in short messages with the touch of a button. This pager can easily receive customizable text messages and help streamline work efficiency without disrupting work flow.
Increased Staff Responsiveness Communication improves with instructions and messages being sent directly to the pager. Staff can respond right away with little to no delay in communication.
Boost Staff Productivity Give staff the tools they need to be more efficient and productive. The convenience of instant and customizable messaging streamlines work flow and boosts productivity.
Better Work Environment Create a more enjoyable work environment with staff paging. Instant communication provides better directions and can be useful for in-house and outhouse staff workers.

  • 4 lines, up to 200 characters• Multiple group paging
  • Small and discreet
  • Battery Operated - 1 AAA 

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