Zigbee Receiver and Software for Table Tracker

Zigbee Receiver with Software for Table Tracker Solutions

The heart and soul of table tracker this Zigbee receiver and software has taken years to develop for fast casual restaurants; ensures that the waiter can take food directly to the table the customer chooses; usually pre-installed on to a custom touch screen PC for version two of table tracker and on to a specialised gateway for version three software operational with Apple iPad's.

Once installed (as supplied) there is no user attention needed to this component; it operates on very specific frequencies and is completely UK compliant so the tracker system does NOT need any UK OFCOM license to operate.

Incredibly powerful solution

Made to above industry standard specifications; designed to be used professionally in fast casual restaurants for locating customers exact position and table in the restaurant; no-compromise solution for fast casual restaurants; full reporting of all transactional data accessible through our LRS Connect channel.

The unit shown is typically used on version two of table tracker and installs on a windows PC with a touch screen. Version three uses a different solution and an iPad for the display.

Contrary to what some suggest this unit CANNOT interfere with other OFCOM regulated devices, its frequency of operation is 'between' channels of other equipment so when someone suggests that this product could interfere (for example) with the wireless Wi-Fi onsite that assumption is completely incorrect. In fact we know of no case from any of the hundreds of installations where that has happened to date.

Zigbee needs no license to operate in the UK so there is no need to apply for one when using table tracker of any version.

We supply this software pre-installed on to the system with the dongle fully configured to operate once the system is installed on-site and it will work immediately the PC is operated.

Software updates (providing you have internet connectivity) are taken care of by LRS UK with remote support from time to time but please be aware that this support is not possible if your internet connectivity is extremely poor or if you disconnect the system at any time.

The Zigbee receiver requires no maintenance from the point of the user of the tracker system, however, from time to time there are firmware updates that can be applied by LRS UK technical support team to ensure that you get the best from table tracker that is possible.

Our 'free' online support is valid for one year from the purchase date of the system but the warranty remains at three years if the fault is a manufacturing defect. Warranty excludes user damage no matter how caused.

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Zigbee Receiver and Software for Table Tracker