On-Cue Wait List Management Solution

Simplest table management solution for restaurants, pubs and bars and hotels

On-cue is an application specifically developed to offer a perfect solution for table management and control queues; whether managing customers waiting for tables, overseeing tables that are being bussed or ensuring staff know when tables are ready for guests on-cue is the perfect solution; waiters simply love the on-cue solution and when integrated with LRS hand held device then waiters can manage tables as they carry out their role. Table turns are increased because of increased staff communications and general efficiency levels are enhanced; on-cue could feasibly allow a reduction in staff on the floor and increase the revenue stream. Perfect for the hospitality sector.

The simple way to manage a wait list

On Cue features super fast guest entry and status indicators to make sure waiting expectations are well managed. This solution can integrate with SMS messaging to recall customers off-premise, with our coaster paging to recall on-site customers and with our handheld device used by staff to ensure on-cue is completely up to date in real time thus enhancing the service experience throughout the restaurant. One advantage of this application are that multiple screen operation is integral to the system, differing screen sizes (that are easily catered for) keep the solution low-key so it is more suitable to any restaurant environment and it works on industry standard Apple iPAD's.

Powerful information

  • Simplest guest entry in the business add guests in three simple steps
  • SMS customer notifications that the table is ready
  • Customised text messaging to guests ensure that the guest experience is enhanced
  • Status tool ensures that all key expectations are met and monitored
  • Notify customers seamlessly with our on-site CS7 recall pagers
  • Fastest update of free tables to enhance customer experience and to turn tables faster

On-cue unleashes incredible ability to your restaurant for complete table management like no other solution available today; we offer out of the box solutions and can easily help you with the setup if you have any issues from our UK office; and our PC paging solution is perfect for the larger corporate business. The free application even includes some SMS messaging each month.

LRS On-cue Components

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