On-cue Wait List Management App

On-Cue Waitlist Application for managing wait lists

Using LRS On-Cue could not be simpler; its free as a download form iTunes HERE. On-cue features incredibly fast guest entry and status indicators to make sure wait expectations are being managed properly. There is nothing worse than having customers walk away because of long queues at your premises. On-Cue allows you to easily see who is waiting and how long they have been waiting so its easy to manage any queue from the visual indications shown on the screen.

If you are serious about managing queues within your premises, whether restaurant, healthcare hospital, logistics or more then the On-cue waitlist management tool is perfect. This software used on an Apple tablet allows you to improve the efficiency of staff while at the same time clearing any queue as quickly as possible.

On-cue has been developed over a number of years to help with wait list management at all levels and will help you (with our other technologies available) to create an invisible queue. Combined, these solutions offer one of the lowest cost most highly effective answers on the market today. Queues and walk aways will be a thing of the past, quality of service will increase and staff efficiency will improve. Wait list management is one of the key areas that many companies can improve and On-Cue will undoubtedly help you achieve great results.

Guest entry to the system is extremely easy and that's important when you are operating any wait list management solution. The screen overview shows the exact position of guests wait time by changing colours of the guest entry depending on how long they have been waiting. This feature is simple to modify to your exact requirements to customise the application to your needs.

If you use our paging systems then it is possible to recall customers via the screen, or alternatively text messaging directly to customer cell phones is possible.

The easiest solution for managing any wait list

On-Cue can help you manage waitlists in the easiest way you have ever seen:

On Cue: Easy guest entry tools.
Easy Guest Entry

Add parties to the list, quote their wait time, and record customer preferences in mere seconds. Popular with casual dining restaurants.

On Cue: SMS notifications.
Page or SMS Notifications

Notify guests using LRS pagers or SMS messaging. It’s your choice (or your customer’s).

On Cue: Works with classic pagers too.
Countdown Timer

Need to alert customers when their allotted time is up? Use the countdown function. It’s a great option for fitness centers and pool halls.

On Cue: Custom text messaging.
Custom Text Messaging

No two or businesses are alike, that’s why you need options to customize the message you deliver.

On Cue: Instant guest status.
Guest Status tools

Meet and beat expectations with color-coded status updates that change as quoted times near.

Unlimited in Every Way

Add an unlimited number of guests and page an unlimited number of times, for free! Only pay to purchase an SMS text package [link to SMS packages below] if you want to also text message guests.

Easily view table and seating availability.
Table Management

View table availability, seat guests, and update status from anywhere using LRS’ remote table updater.

One Touch Page Staff

Tap to Start

Tap a pager button on the screen to notify a staff member or manager. The perfectly simple way for kitchen or bar staff to notify servers when orders are ready or call managers when needed.

Custom Label Pagers

Want to label pager buttons with something other than the pager number? Like a person’s name or their staff number? No problem.

Custom Messaging

Create a custom message for staff, manager, or all-staff notifications. And update those messages anytime you wish.

Find Staff & Managers

The staff one-touch paging screen allows you to label pagers and indicate who’s a manager. Quickly page co-workers, servers, and managers when needed.



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    On-cue turns wait management in to a art

   Front door management and guest experience improvement 

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Daily Stats

Real-time stats in-app show how you’re performing against your wait list’s quoted-time goals, and you can even clear stats to measure each new shift.


Activity Log

See a chronological running history of each action taken within a wait list; which is helpful when multiple hosts are managing a single list.


Wait Times

Monitor the wait time for each party on the list compared to the quoted time provided. Helping you seat guests in a timely manner.