CS6 Coaster Call Pager

CS6 Standard Coaster Call Pager - the smartest alternative to anything out there

Our new CS6 customer recall paging coaster is the smartest pager on the market. This device is capable or transmitting back to the pagers system so that the whole solution knows that a page was received by the CS6

CS6 customer pager standard

The original coaster guest pager from LRS has now been completely updated; now you have far more control. You will be amazed at just how good this coaster pager is and it stands head and shoulders above ANY competitors system that you might find. While companies try anc copy LRS they are always behind and in the case of the CS series of coaster call they are years behind!

Reinvented This unit is now a nicer design, includes new technologies and can work in red colour. Your customers will love this exciting new look.

Adaptable It is simple to program, so simple anyone can do it. renumber pagers literally in real time.

The CS6 replaced our original CS4 coaster-call pager from back in 1993 when LRS invented the coaster pager. That device has been used in over 40% of all USA restaurants pubs and bars but this new CS6 now offers a massive improvement over the older unit.

The overall design and build of this new unit makes it (along with the CS7) the most robust customer pager available from any company. There is a 6mm rubber buffer that stops the unit being damaged when dropped and no other customer or guest pager has this - one brand has a 2mm rubber buffer and the other that we could name has none. This built in design feature is there to save LRS customers money time and time again.

The CS6 still retains it's 4 pin charging system that ensures that even with two dirty pins that the CS6 will still charge and operate at full battery cycle, giving this unit up to 48 hours of use without recharging. Competitors do not have this solution and the result will be charging failure for those competitive brands.

The CS6 uses really bright red leds, in fact brighter than any other brand of guest pager ensuring that customers won't miss the message in any type of light environment even on a sunny day outside.

Our CS6 is cost for cost the lowest cost and highest quality product available on the market today and we back that up with our three year warranty against makers defects.

Internally this unit uses the latest digital technology with a reduced count of components. What that means to customers is that this unit has far less to fail and the failure rate is reduced to less than 0.3% which is an incredible benefit for LRS customers.

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