Table Tracker Basic


The new self install Tracker basic solution

Table tracker (also known as just Tracker) is a solution often used for fast casual restaurants to locate where customers are seated when food has to be taken to table. There is no other system in the world that does this job as effectively as the LRS tracker solution. If you need to improve efficiencies in this area within your restaurant (or other business sector that we are developing currently) then tracker can improve delivery times (as an example) from 14 minutes to under 4 minutes - something we have seen on many occasions. And that time saving allows for faster table turns and a big improvement in staff efficiencies.

The solution (if you have an optional internet connection) also collects data for key metrics and can show you exactly how your company is performing in this very important area - customer service! As one major UK company commented "Table Tracker has really helped not only with speed of service but also identifying where we can probe speed of service and make informed decisions with additional resource or cooking equipment. Before table Tracker this would have been purely anecdotal." We could not have put it better ourselves. Learn more about TT.

 How to use Table Tracker

The Tracker is sold in two forms - a basic and a pro version, but here we discuss the basic Tracker version and how you can obtain this solution for a substantially lower cost than the pro version that always needs a custom and complex install. This new offering of tracker basic includes everything you need for a complete tracker system except for an Apple iPad and of course an optional internet connection. The Tracker basic is suitable for a typical 30 table restaurant, but you can buy other items separately later to work with more tables if necessary at extra cost.

Table Tracker basic breaks the price barrier for this kind of solution. Our 'Pro' version has been taking the UK by storm over the last four or five years. A typical Tracker 'Basic' 30 table self install solution as described below has a UK list price (for the hardware only) of over £3300.00 plus VAT and delivery.

Special offer! You can now buy a Tracker basic self install system suitable for up to 30 tables (but can be expanded) for just:

£2795.00* plus VAT and delivery
or from just £14.99 per week!**

** All finance figures are indicative, subject to credit approval  and provided by Lease & Business Finance Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Finance is not available for regulated customers  (sole traders or  partnerships with less than four partners)

This is a saving of over £545.00 discount of the hardware against our regular retail pricing for this solution - only available currently on this promotion.

Installation and Support

The great news is that if you buy this Tracker basic system as well as coming with everything in the box* it also comes with access to an online video of how to install the system which makes things very simple - even for a novice. There's even a 1 hour complimentary technical support option direct from LRS UK included for FREE when you buy Tracker basic. So for those sections of the install that you might need support, we have got you covered.

Installation on tables is simplicity itself and you will have the included parts installed (for example) on a 30 table restaurant in less than 45 minutes. Complete installation time does depend on ability, but even if you are not an expert the Tracker should be up and running in less than two hours. But feel safe in the knowledge that if our one hour free support is not enough time then you can buy optional extra support by the hour so you will never be left without support. Warranty on the basic Tracker system is one year direct with LRS UK and as a manufacturers office you can be sure that the support is of very high quality.

What's in the box?


Tracker basic is supplied in a custom box with everything you need for an indoor install (except the Apple iPad itself and optional internet access) to work for a 30 table installation. We have done all of the work for you and inside the box for a 30 table solution you will get:

  • 15 x Tracker units (often adequate for a 30 table installation)
  • 1 x Tracker charger and power supply
  • 2 x repeaters (can handle up to 30 Trackers)
  • 30 x table top plaques and tags complete*
  • 1 x starter unit
  • 1 x clearing unit
  • 2 x portable clearing units (enough for two runners)
  • 1 x router and LRS gateway complete
  • 1 x hour of FREE support with the Tracker system
  • 1 x access to installation video via the internet

You will also need at least one Apple iPad which is not supplied (can use up to five for multi screen use). Also for full reporting you will need an internet connection that we can optionally supply if you don't already have one. Other options include:

  • Extra plaques, tags and table numbers for extra tables
  • Extra repeaters if you have more than 30 Trackers
  • Extra Tracker units if 15 becomes inadequate because of restaurant throughput
  • Extra Tracker chargers and power supply if you increase the number of Trackers you need one for every 15 Trackers
  • Extra portable clearing units for staff
  • Extra starter units if more than one till
  • Optional outdoor waterproof plaque including tags
  • Optional outdoor plaque and tags for metal tables
  • Optional 30 x table numbers Aluminium
  • Optional Apple iPad stand
  • Optional extra Apple iPad's for multi-screen use
  • Optional Extra Technical Support direct with LRS UK
  • Optional Installation Service direct with LRS UK


Other optional features

As well as the Tracker system being able to work as described, the whole system can be updated to page customers and staff with optional extra hardware - ask for the details.

* Note that the table plaques as supplied are suitable for non-metal tables and indoor only tables. We offer an exchange service for the indoor plaques as supplied in the box for plaques suitable for metal tables or outdoor tables (or both) however there will be a cost difference to pay to upgrade the original plaques.

All prices are subject to change depending on exchange rates but the company reserves the right to change pricing at any time without prior notification.

Other features coming soon

Table Tracker is a system that has been evolving for a number of years and there are many new and exciting features coming over the next year or so. You will be set for when these new features arrive and we can confirm that Tracker will be able to do things that today you would never think it could. While some of the future ground-breaking features do carry a cost, your basic system can be easily adapted easily to benefit from most if not all of these new features.

 mod-pizza-and table-tracker-review

The above image is (c)  used with permission.

See Table Tracker in action at: MOD Pizza on or in the many companies using table tracker right now.

Where to buy the Tracker basic

Table Tracker basic can be bought from LRS UK directly, or from IFSE (involved in garden centre business) and from other specialist outlets within the UK and Southern Ireland. Support is carried out by LRS UK offices in Stoke on Trent on 01782.537000.

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