LRS Connect

Keeping Customers & Staff Safe with LRS Connect

LRS Connect Benefits

The all new LRS Connect solution connects you with customers or guests, staff and operational data that you could never otherwise utilise.

Importantly, LRS Connect also helps to ensure that customers and staff are safe where viruses and other threats may be common place in any environment.

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Here's how it all works:

 Easy Communications

 In any busy environment leaving guests, customers or staff waiting for an answer is not a good idea. Now you can send notifications via text and/or LRS pager messaging with a presso fo a button or tap.

There is nothing like LRS Connect - it's here now and is able to keep your operations running successfully and smoothly no matter what surroundings or sector you're in.

  simple communications

 Multichannel Engagement

 Ensuring that you engage your staff in the most convenient way for them is essential. Whether you need SMS, pagers, QR codes, personal mobile devices or buttons this solution has it all.

LRS Connect is a unique premier on-site platform for communications in most sectors of business.

  omni-channel engagement

Set and Achieve Performance Goals

 LRS Connect allows you to monitor operations with our on-screen performance dashboard. Now you can see and understand customer or guest and staff interactions even as they take place, review traffic behaviour and efficiencies, analyse reporting data and easily export data in common formats like CSV or robust API's.

  performance goals


 REGISTER:   Start a free trial – Discover how businesses manage visitors, lists, guest queues, staff tasks, and staff communications from any browser. Simply.

ADD:   Add Guests and Staff to your workspace and take control of your operational flow.

CONNECT:   Connect your LRS transmitter to deliver pager notifications.

MANAGE:   Use LRS Connect to track waiting guests, assign work to staff members, and communicate in real time.

ANALYSE:   Monitor performance with on-screen statistics and review detailed historic reporting to evaluate performance over time.

  lrsconnect system


ic1 Quick & Easy Entry   ic2 Status Indicators   ic3 Custom Messaging
Add guests to the list, quote their wait time, and record customer preferences in mere seconds. For staff, communicate immediately and assign tasks in real-time to ensure a smooth operation.   Colour-coded statuses change as quoted times near help you manage your list with one quick view. Delivers real-time views of your guest engagements and staff assignments.   No two businesses are alike, that’s why you need options to customize the message you deliver. Assign work in real time or immediately update guests with a status change.
ic4 Multiple Lists   ic5 Unlimited Access   ic6 Tags
Manage guests and staff task assignments with one or multiple lists. Move guests and staff tasks between lists to manage workflows.   Use any browser across multiple devices to manage your business from anywhere at any time. No additional software is required.   Create tags and associate them with guests or staff to maintain status, keep your operations up to date, and improve work efficiency.
ic7 Countdown Timer   ic8 Unlimited All Ways   ic9 Simple Quick-tap
Automatically send notifications to visitors at the set time. Ensure tasks are completed on time.   Unlimited usage, entries, and page notifications. Only pay for the subscription plans that fit your business.   Only a few quick taps to start, notify, and close a guest session. Immediately assign a task to a staff member.
ic10 Record Actionable Data   ic11 Track & Compare   ic12 Flexible Engagement
Record and save data for your review valuable operational insights. Use data to identify ways to improve efficiency.   Analyse performance against business expectations. Compare across multiple locations for the ultimate insight.   Supports SMS, pagers, QR codes, and call buttons to engage your guests and staff on their terms.


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