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LRS Connect Premium Service for Reporting

LRS has developed a service specifically designed for customer login and data management of solutions that some products use; the service is simple to use and easy to consolidate many companies if necessary.

Simple solution

When you use solutions that collect data you will want to manage the data in the easiest way; LRS connect will help you to do that; with options for data downloading for further analysis nothing could be easier.

LRS-Connect is a premium subscription service and subscribers of LRS services have access to LRS Connects advanced reporting tool. This tool is mainly used for Table Tracker but is expanding to other products currently.

One of our latest products 'Guest Sessions' - a product for collecting data for key metrics from coaster call paging systems uses LRSConnect to collect that important data.

LRSConnect has some services that are now free while some other uses do carry a cost but we are always looking to increase customer value and the operational costs will change over time.

On most of the products that LRS manufactures there are free service options, but often those are for short term use. For example with Guest Sessions the collected data is only available for a short time. These use the system while retaining the data for long periods then that is typically where costs come in to the equation.

Table tracker, On-Cue and Guest Sessions all use LRSConnect in different ways, but each login is controlled by a completely hierarchic access system and users can be managed with limited access if required.

Data can be downloaded in a number of formats so that LRS customers can use and analyse the data themselves in other applications such as Excel. However, LRSConnect does have most of the reporting designs that are asked for most often built right in to the system so it becomes easy to see results fast.

Furthermore LRSConnect allows corporate clients to easily consolidate whole estates of sites or regions for a very quick way of seeing other key metrics from maybe regionalised data flows.

It is not possible to create your own reports as these are predesigned by LRS to ensure that the most relevant data is collated and reported on. Obviously it is possible to use the defined reports by day or week or indeed other time/date bases but data is downloadable for other analysis to any level of depth. Some customers use very comprehensive spread sheets that are beyond the scope of this article but there is no doubt from what we see that those customers achieve incredible insights in to the key metrics of their business.

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CLRS Connect Premium Reporting Solution