Table Top Dock for Table Tracker

Optional Table Top Dock for Standard Table Tracker

A robust 'Dock' that is used on tables if the under table tags are not required or affordable; the dock is used to place the table tracker on at the table and will show on the main screen where the customer is seated when they have found a suitable table.

The table top dock is a low cost option for our standard table tracker system but the operability of the solution is not really affected. Choose the dock of you do not mind having a dock on the top of the table and choose the under table tags if you want a completely table free option. The dock labels can be optionally customised to reflect your branding and or decor.

Robust Dock

Made to industry standard specifications by LRS; very robust and designed to be used in the standard basic Table Tracker configuration; saves cost; requires no power; can be customised and branded.

Table top docks are not for everyone of course, it all depends on the type of fast casual restaurant that you operate. For example some burger operations are happy to use these table top docks, whereas other companies do not want to place anything on the table.

Not shown here, but recently developed by LRS UK is a new table top plaque that is just 0.7 mm thick and can be stuck to the table top. That solution is very unobtrusive while at the same time saving substantial costs against full under table tagging.

The dock has historically been available in white or black, however, the black dock is supplied currently in the UK if required and customers prefer the black unit over the white unit that often stained easily. That does not happen with the black dock.

These units are water resistant and are simply stand alone when being used with minimal maintenance other than an occasional clean down so there are no operating costs involved... no batteries or other power that might otherwise fail. The dock will go on working for years!

It is possible to 'back to back' these units for larger tables so that the surface area used is kept to a minimum.

Of course our manufacturing defect warranty is applicable for three years and is longer than all other competitive companies offer which typically stops at two years. Our products are extremely well made and we have no problems with extended warranties because our typical failure rate is around 0.3% of what we sell here in the UK.

If you need more information whether docks, plaques or full under table tags are most suitable then please speak with one of our specialists who can give specialist advice about the options.

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Table Top Dock for the Standard Table Tracker