Rechargeable Alphanumeric Pager

The easiest to use pagers for direct communications

The alpha pager from LRS is designed for any type of communication that needs a text message to staff to enhance staff efficiency and effectiveness. There are very few rechargeable pagers available on the market today but by being able to recharge the unit it's operating costs are dramatically lower than on a pager that uses batteries. There's a one touch button on the front of the pager for the simplest operation of any pager you are likely to find from any maker today.

This one line alphanumeric pager is often used anywhere that clients need a very robust product. For example this pager is used in Nissan UK production line that is one of the most demanding areas of any business we have ever supplied and this text pager handles it no problem. We can supply the one line alpha with a standard battery (often used by first aid support teams) or a new option includes a battery upgrade for continuous use for up to eight hour shifts on production lines.

The pager is used throughout industry and works with every transmitter we make so the choice of solution regarding range is amply covered.

The case is manufactured from Lexan - the highest impact material you can use for a case of this type and that positively impacts the product so that it is the toughest alphanumeric product we make. We also manufacture a 'pager protector' leather case that can help protect this unit in extremely difficult environments such as manufacturing production lines, specialist security operations and other specialist communications.

The charger for the SP5 comprises of a five unit base that can be linked together for up to thirty pagers from just one power supply. These chargers can be mounted on a wall to reduce the surface area used by the charger in areas where space is critical. Form one six hour charge the SP5 will work for extended periods depending on the amount of use it is given by way of messages received.

One major feature of the pager is that the vibration can be dramatically increased higher than on any other unit we make so that in very noisy environments like manufacturing the user will know when any message is received.

One line alphanumeric rechargeable pager

This 1 line alpha-numeric pager is a ruggedized designed pager that is rechargeable with our charger base that handles up to five units. Used by a multiplicity of companies such as Nissan, HSBC, Specsavers and many restaurants and hospitality sites.

Specifications include:

  • Up to 4 stored messages
  • High vibration to ensure the page is not missed
  • Rechargeable battery (requires charger)
  • Will work for up to 48 hours from one charge
  • Simple one button operation for the best in paging

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