Hospitality Paging Systems and Communication Solutions

Hospitality sectors close-up

In hospitality there are many issues that can be addressed by using up to date technology like pagers; customers waiting that don't get properly managed generate a poor quality of service level; food delivered late to guests will cause customers to down rate the organisation in their opinion or worse never return; staff that cannot communicate when there are issues to solve efficiently and quickly all are causes for making any hospitality venue suffer from reduced revenue streams.

Below are three sub-sectors that we have identified that can benefit from new technology from LRS to help manage, maintain, increase service levels, increase productivity and importantly to increase the revenue stream while maintaining or reducing operating costs. For each specific sector we have developed custom solutions that can be tailored or further customised to your exact needs.

Restaurant Communications

For restaurants, whether fine dining, regular or fast-casual operations we have solutions that can resolve issues such as customer recall when tables are ready, table tracking so that staff know where customers are seated and food is delivered before it gets cold, staff paging systems that can indicate to staff when food is ready for delivery to the guest, two-way radios for security and other important staff communications, custom wireless call buttons for customers to be able to contact staff for more food or drink and other equally exciting technology solutions to everyday restaurant issues or problems. Our restaurant solutions are used in every type of restaurant in the UK and can be found in some of the largest companies.


Pubs and Bars Communication Solutions

Pubs and bars require a slightly different level of communication solutions than restaurant companies and that's why LRS has shown these as separate entities with their own clearly defined solutions. We tend to think of pubs and bars often as more like a 'fast-casual' style of business although some pubs and bars solutions are similar to restaurants.  For a completely tailored and customised solution visit this area. We include call buttons, waiter paging and more. We supply most of the major pub and bar operations throughout the UK.


Hotels and Communication Systems

Hotels often have a mix of issues to resolve that can be similar to both the restaurant and pubs and bars sectors; however, its a fact that to simply show the exact same solutions available for hotels would really show that the supplying company does not understand the hotel business as well as they should and that's why we separate hotels and show custom solutions to the everyday issues that hotels commonly have operational problems with. Our solutions are used throughout the country in some of the largest hotel chains.