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Safe secure protected staff at work

Perfect for schools, universities and colleges the Blue Angel staff attack device watches over your staff like a guardian angel. Unlike the 'flower power' solutions out there this device uses multiple technologies to keep staff safe. If an attack should ever occur, blue angel will report exactly where staff are located and notify support staff immediately. Perfect for schools, university, colleges, hospitals of all kinds this device protects immediately the SOS button is pressed. A second feature is that the user can speak with colleagues if necessary for clarification of the alarm event. Blue Angel tracks staff no matter where they go on-site or off-site.

Give the exact location of the incident

In the event of a staff attack incident it is imperative to give support in the fastest way possible. Blue Angel tracks staff exact positions continuously and will show support personnel exactly where the incident is happening in real time.

Blue Angel

Complete tracking is inherent in the design; other features include lone worker man down ability to notify support staff if the user of the unit falls over and is disabled from responding. Our solution logs and records every single communication (can be set to repeatedly communicate in seconds, minutes or hours), every location continuously, every trigger and every event so that analysis of the data collected can proceed later. Low cost and high quality that will protect staff day or night on a 24/7 basis. This solution is not based on paging products and has no requirement to be.

Worldwide operation and coverage.

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Blue Angel

Discreet emergency button

A one or six button paging system unit that uses pagers and is a perfect solution for staff protection in an emergency situation. Mount under the desk; suitable for other uses; it can be wall mounted or desktop placed. Buttons are custom programmed for specific use such as attack, panic, emergency, service or other messaging. A low budget communication solution that can have increased range with our repeater technology to cover entire sites.

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Pronto One or Six Call Button

Integrated alert 7 system

For customers that are working to a tight budget, the Alert 7 offers seven 'buttons' from one small pager transmitter device that can be pressed by the staff in the case of staff attack. Messages can be fully programmed and the unit will send a message to a pager to support staff immediately. Attack 7 can be used to cover far more areas than other solutions and at lower overall cost per 'button' than any other solution we know of.

Range can easily be increased with range extenders for perfect communication.

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Integrated Alert 7 device

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for schools, universities and colleges sector are shown below.

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