OEM TX Transmitters

OEM-TX Transmitter for integration to many solutions

The OEM TX board (Alert 7) from LRS UK offers a solution for many problem areas including fire alarms, integrated paging solutions, staff attack, call buttons for cinemas and changing rooms, machine monitoring in factories and manufacturing.

Unique board

Although this board may look similar to others on the internet there are a number of things that separate this one from all others available:

  • Fully CE and RoHS compliant
  • 7 dry contacts
  • Unique code embedding that allows this board to work in a custom method for our applications and is not available from anywhere else
  • Can be integrated for open closed or closed open contact.
  • Used in some of our most custom designs
  • Suitable for fire-alarms integration and staff attack solutions
  • Uses pagers for communication

LRS UK developed this board for very specific communications needs when the original LRS OEM board was discontinued. Customers that use these boards are integrating it in to other equipment usually, and we have even supplied the 'Flying Scotsman' train for message paging from within the trains carriages!

Other uses include security systems, fire alarms, emergency call buttons, cinemas, casinos, manufacturing and too many other sectors to mention here.

The range on this small communications board is around 100 metre but please note that it does work with our signal boosters to extend range much further.

One unique feature is that the power requirements for the OEM-TX is from 5 volts to 24 volts and the unit operates perfectly on those DC voltages which makes the unit suitable for many different environments and can probably operate on voltages you already have within your equipment.

There are seven dry contacts that can operate when the dry contact state changes either from closed to open or from open to closed and the unit will NOT send 'ghost' repeats through poor control which makes integration a snap.

The dry contacts are fully programmable with custom messages to ensure that this unit can work to the standards that you need for all applications. We can pre-program these units for you for free or alternatively there is an optional programming kit that uses USB on a windows computer to custom program the unit yourself.

This board is made to the highest quality and the failure rate on this unit is well below 0.3% and in fact it is one of the lowest failure rates of any product we sell. This unit carries a three year warranty from us directly.

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CLRS UK OEM TX board for integrated solutions