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More business and increased revenue streams

Handing over a customer from the optician to sales has always been a difficult point in the sales process; its a known fact that a smooth handover will increase the closure rate, increase the revenue stream and of course increase service levels; LRS has developed the OptiCall for this exact reason; there is no other way to get together the optician, customer and sales person in the testing room for handover; tried and tested, OptiCall and the butler II have been used throughout Specsavers and Boots PLC for a number of years and have proven to be the ultimate handover tool. Return on investment has been as low as just 5 working days.

Solutions that work for you

OptiCall comprises of six buttons that can be custom programmed for specific messaging; messages are sent to the necessary staff to pagers when the button is pressed by the optometrist for handover; using this simple technique enhances the customer flow through the business and increases service levels exponentially; the solution has an automatic repage that staff have to cancel; on cancellation a further message is sent to all staff confirming that the call has been handled.

Butler II Butler Call

This is a simple five button unit that has up to five custom messages and is usually used in test rooms by opticians; it can be operated with battery or mains use and is a low cost solution.

  • One or five button units
  • Up to 250 metre's plus option for whole site coverage
  • Extended battery life up to 1 year depending on use
  • Can be mains driven optionally
  • Fully customisable messaging
  • Long guarantee


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div butler-2-push-button
Butler II Push Button

OptiCall Push Buttons

The OptiCall is an alternative to the butler II and is available in a one or six button configuration; perfect for opticians handing over customers to sales staff; the unit allows instant contact between staff and buttons can be custom programmed for specific use.

  • Uses battery power that lasts for months
  • Can be mains driven optionally
  • Range is up to 100 metres but is extendable and usually does not need extenders in a typical opticians premises
  • Custom messaging with free programming
  • Low cost
  • Simple to use

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div opticall-call-buttons
OptiCall One or Six Call Button

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the healthcare sector are shown below.

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