OptiCall™ Push Buttons for Opticians

OptiCall the perfect handover solution for opticians

It's been proven by one of the biggest names in the high street that handing over the customer in an opticians test room is critical to the sale and revenue stream; OptiCall allows a seamless integration between the optician and sales staff that customers won't even notice has happened. When the optometrist has finished his examination he simply presses a button to call a sales team member in to the test room for the handover. The OptiCall can be programmed in a number of ways for differential operation on different sites, but overall the results are quite incredible.

Incredible results

Following a very in depth analysis of enhancing the handover between the optician and sales team the results were astounding:

  • Typical sales value increase up to 10%
  • Close rate 5% higher
  • ROI of just 7 working days for a complete solution

Opticall can be used in a number of ways and our experienced sales professionals can and will determine what solution is best for your exact situation. Custom messaging and configuration is free so you can have a fully customised setup that meets your exact requirements and will allow staff to be substantially more efficient while at the same time improving customer service.

OptiCall wireless is a low cost paging solution using call buttons and pagers suitable for most opticians even if there is more than one floor involved regarding range. Other solutions are available.

OptiCall can be powered with two AAA duracell batteries which offer extended battery life as well as complete resistance to 'battery leak' that can damage electrical equipment. Alternatively, we have an optional mains powered power supply where batteries then don't have to be used... and the range is extended slightly further.

The OptiCall is powerful enough to cover large opticians sites over two and up to three floor levels if necessary but there is also a signal repeater available that can extend the rage substantially further.

All 6 buttons can be fully customised with specific messages to suit your operation.

There is a repage ability on the OptiCall that can be enabled (and in opticians it usually is) that can remind staff to attend the call if they are busy. The system can message a number of team members and the first to arrive can then cancel the call - sending out a message to the other team members to confirm that the call has been handled.

OptiCall is probably the most used team call system in opticians throughout the UK today.

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