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Emergency Call Buttons paging systems that save lives

The workplace is a dangerous place; and ensuring safety in industry is a necessity because of legislation in the United Kingdom; but ensuring staff are kept safe in any industrial environment can be ineffective for a multiplicity of reasons with the result that an employee gets injured or killed. LRS has developed a unique low cost pager messaging solution that is waterproof, extremely robust and can work form battery or mains; for emergency teams these wireless call buttons ensure that first aid support is there as soon as possible.

Examples of colours available are shown below. We now have a two button device available with all other features remaining the same except that each button is completely independently programmable for any use. For example it is possible to use one button for high level emergencies and the second button for less urgent response or indeed for any other use, in production the second button may be used when an operator needs assistance. Dual button use is recently introduced and the cost variance is minimal thereby offering increased usability without substantially increased costs.

The optional mains powered conversion kit includes a power supply, a mounting bracket and other hardware for a complete solution to mains powering the Butler XP in most indoor environments. These call button paging systems are used throughout industry and are highly cost effective compared to other products on the market.

Butler XP emergency button

These first aid call buttons offer incredible features; low cost and high quality.

  • A number of colours available
  • Up to 250 metre's plus option for whole site coverage
  • Extended battery life or mains powered (optional)
  • Long guarantee
  • Two button option now available
  • Can page individual, team or everyone for fast response
  • Sends text message to our pagers

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Butler XP Emergency Call Button

Solutions that are tried and tested in emergencies

Specific solutions for the industrial sector are shown below.

We offer a 14 day trial on equipment that is not custom made.

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