Industrial Staff Pager Systems and Solutions

Low cost effective communications within budget

Effective communications with our staff paging systems and within budget remain important for most business requirements. No matter what environment, our systems can page individuals, groups or everyone at the press of a button so even on building sites, quarries, crane towers, chemical companies, pharmaceutical, aerospace and more. It can all interface with third party equipment such as fire-alarms where messaging is sent to pagers or even forward messages to two-way radios.

Easy installation

Simple to install and usually configured before delivery, can often be working in minutes. Staff recall pager system solutions help to make communications effective so that informed decisions can be made immediately. Using our systems and fire-alarm integration it is possible to determine whether the alarm is a negative or positive thus reducing the number of false alarms on-site.

Basic paging system

An effective and simple solution available with around 1/2 mile (1000 metre) range. messages are immediate to staff; battery or mains operation and works for up to 8 hours before recharge; can page all of our pagers and can be wall mounted.

Extended range available. 

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Basic Paging System

Our Standard system

Instant messaging for paging or SMS text to staff  improves communication. Powerful enough for most buildings on-site. Pre-stored or ad-hock messages are simple to deploy. Desk mount and mains powered. Contact staff at the push of a button with on-site or off-site messaging in an affordable package.

Range is up to two miles in open air and range extenders are available. SMS Text is worldwide.

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High Power Staff Paging

Network paging system

Contact staff from any computer running windows 7 or later and even if on a network. Generate tasks to individuals or group and staff can confirm that tasks are complete; integrated wait lists and task tracking as standard; sms messages are simple to send with unlimited range. Integrates with most third party equipment such as fire alarms, doors or two-way radios for flexibility. It works multi-site with internet connectivity; compatible with our TX7470 and TX7470-232 transmitters. It works with all pagers we make.

Increase staff communications beyond on-site only.

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Staff PC Paging

Unmanned area pagers

A one or six button unit perfect for unmanned areas paging; it can be wall mounted or desktop but also importantly under tables or desks for hidden messaging to staff or security; buttons are programmed for specific use such as panic, suspicion, security, duress, fire or any other message. A low budget solution that can have increased range with our repeater technology.

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Pronto One or Six Call Button

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the industrial sector are shown below.

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