Push Button Paging Systems for Industry

Lowest cost high quality service buttons for staff

LRS push button paging is simple to install and gives immediate communication from customers to staff and other employees. These buttons are easy to locate anywhere and when a button is pressed sends a message to staff or employees with alphanumeric text pagers. Employees can respond quickly and improve customer service.

Simplest installation and use in the business

Communicate from the transmitter to the service or alphanumeric pager that will flash beep or vibrate and be delivered setup to your needs. The lowest cost solutions available and with extended guarantees provide piece of mind that efficiency and customer experience will improve. If aesthetics are important our custom made housings will take your project to the next level.

Butler II one or five button system

Completely programmable messages and a choice of one or five buttons make this unit something special; can repeat page up to four times and message an individual, group or everyone with a text message to our text pagers; runs from battery for extensive periods; range is around 250 metres; one dry connector that a bell button can be attached to (for example) so that when the button is pressed a member of staff is paged.

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Butler II One or Five Button Solution

Butler XP waterproof emergency button system

The Butler XP is used extensively for emergency situations in the industrial sector; waterproof and can work from battery or mains with optional charging kit; can page individual, group or everyone with cancel facility stopped by a pager 'swipe'. robust and one of the biggest seller emergency call buttons available today.

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Butler XP Solutions

Pronto call buttons

Tthe pronto is a call button transmitter that is suitable for many industries; technical details are similar to the optiCall but programming is operationally different.

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Pronto Call Buttons

OEM-TX 7 contact paging system

This OEM-TX has 7 button contacts and can be powered 7 volts to 24 volts dc; this unit is often integrated in to complimentary solutions such as fire alarms, security systems, changing rooms and other areas; although this unit might look physically like others on the internet, this board has custom firmware for specific applications and is not available anywhere else worldwide; Full CE and RoHS compliance.

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OEM-TX 7 Button Paging System

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for your push button or call button needs are shown below.

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World class support from the UK's leading supplier

Communication within your business is very important; so there's no way that poor support is commensurate with a great product; that's why LRS will go to a great distance to help  our clients achieve perfect communications within their business; we supply all of the accessories as well as offer loan radios for trial and other benefits that you cannot find from other

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