Butler XP Emergency Call Buttons

Butler XP Emergency Call or Push Buttons

Butler XP is a great way for customers to contact staff members via paging when they are in need of help or service, Also allows staff members to contact each other when in need of assistance in an emergency or as a regular call button.

Butler XP is waterproof

No matter what the environment the Butler XP can handle it; this LRS unit is waterproof so using it outdoors is no problem; works from battery with around 250 metre range but can go further with a signal repeater; mains conversion kit available as an optional accessory;

This unit works with all of our messaging text pagers. The perfect push button answer for your needs and is available in a number of colours as well as a two button version that can send two different messages.

The Butler XP can be supplied in a one button or two button unit. Each button can be custom programmed for your exact needs. For example on the two button PFS call button you might have the lower button as a H&S emergency button and the top button to contact the fire marshal. But these solutions are sold in to multiple sectors and can equally be sold in to hospitality, logistics, opticians and many other sectors of business.

We do supply a number of colours of the XP PFS call button, however in recent times we have discontinued colours that did not really sell such as the red button shown for example as well as the 'tusk' colour.

There are two locations where you are able to add custom labels for information or advertising but these do carry a cost.

The Butler XP can message all of our 'text' pagers with custom messages - and it has the ability to 're-page' a message a number of times. When this option is turned on, the staff member has to 'swipe' his pager over the unit to stop it repeating more messages. This is useful in the case where a number of people have been messaged, the first one cancels the message and another message is sent out to confirm the call has been handled.

The unit works from two AA type of batteries and we recommend Duracell to avoid short battery life and to avoid leakage that is common to cheap batteries - which can damage any electrical device and would not be covered under warranty. When batteries run low the unit will message a designated employee and tell them that its time for a battery change.

There is also a mains power supply kit that we have that can power the XP from the mains thus negating the use of batteries but this is an option and carries a cost.

The Butler XP benefits from a three year warranty.

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Butler XP Emergency Call Button