Butler II Programming Kit

Important Accessory for the Butler II reduces operating costs

When you receive the equipment from us it is all ready to go. We will have set up the unit as agreed and programmed messages that you defined when you placed your order with us. But if you need to change the messaging later, or need the dry contact programming differently then it can be worth buying this accessory. Once you have this kit you can change the setup and programming of the units as many times as you want without any further operating costs. This is a low cost purchase especially if you have a number of devices that you might need to change the setup of. Secondly it is possible to upgrade the firmware within the Butler with this kit.

Butler II programming kit

This programming kit is designed for users of the Butler II paging push buttons to allow users to reprogram the buttons as they might want to from time to time. The software allows a large amount of changes to the operation of the Butler II and is simple to operate and use. It is designed to be used on a windows PC computer and the supplied kit includes a USB cable for a complete solution. The ability to change the messages on each button, the pagers that receive the messages, groups, repage time and other important features of the Butler II are all available with this programming software.

Using the software could not be easier. It's posible to change the messages on the five button butler II to any text you might want. Reprogramming the pagers that get paged is just as easy and you can page individuals, groups of people or everyone in any emergency situation. The Butler II also has a single dry contact that you can program as either open to closed or closed to open as well as the message that is sent on state change. Lastly there is a 'cancell' button on the side of the Butler II that can cancell repaging to staff and send out a message to recipients to say that the call has been attended to - all changeable with this software.

Often seen as a 'must have' accessory if you need to update your buttons at any time while the alternative would be to return equipment for us to change for you that often carries a service cost if you have not participated in a LRS service plan.

Complete kit

Whether you want to change the text on one button, change the pager numbers or other features this kit is needed to achieve the results. Comes complete with cable.

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Butler II programming kit