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Robust Waiter Pagers

Anything designed to be used by waiters or servers in a professional kitchen or restaurant environment needs to be extremely robust. The sp4 waiter pager is made from Lexan, the toughest material you can get for this type of solution to extend the life of the pager beyond comparable products. LRS waiter paging increases the customer experience dramatically while at the same time making staff far more efficient using pagers with faster table turns and increased revenue stream. No longer will food end up spoiled because it is being delivered cold.

Notice that the SP4 waiter pager has four numbers down the left of the unit - these are in fact leds that light up. Using more than one transmitter, it is possible to notify waiters or runners exactly where they are being called from - a feature not found on other competitive solutions. The SP4 can flash, beep and vive or be used in any combination of these notifications. When waiters are very busy, paging the unit from station two (for example) will vibrate the pager twice so the waiter knows exactly where to go without even looking at the pager.

The unit comes with a belt clip free of charge and this belt clip stops pagers from falling out thus reducing the possibility of pager damage in tough environments. We also make an optional pager protector leather case that can in certain circumstances substantially extend the life of the pager. Integral to the leather case is a very strong belt clip and also a connector for a lanyard if employees want to wear the device that way.

From just one six hour charge by using our five unit chargers it is possible to work up to forty eight hours from one charge dependent on usage. Chargers can be wall mounted to save on critical destop space and a maximum of thirty pagers can be charged from one power supply.

Server pager designed for professional use

This sp4 waiter service pager is tried and tested since back in 1993 in all types of restaurants. 4 message lights ensure that servers know who is calling them and exactly where they are required to go.

A large high powered rechargeable battery ensures that this unit will operate over shifts and up to 48 hours on just one charge. Beep and vibe alerts are available and the vibe is synced with the message number. This pager is often used with multiple transmitters located in different places such as behind a bar, in the kitchen or even at reception.

The device is very strong and the main body is high impact resistant using the strongest material for this purpose available.

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Waiter Pager SP4