Waiter Paging Systems

Waiter paging systems offer the best way to ensure that waiters and chefs communicate effectively to deliver the best service available to customers. Delivering piping hot food to customers is achievable and these waiter pagers will help.

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Simple waiter paging system

A low cost professional solution for waiter paging kitchen to waiter communication; using our TX9560EZ transmitter optional pagers include the SP4, our SP5 rechargeable text pager, the 4 line alpha pager that will all work with  this transmitter option; the transmitter is mains powered but can use internal batteries too (rachargeable) that can last up to eight (8) hours; the range is up to half a mile; 12 one page buttons but can page 999 pagers.

This is a low cost high quality paging that is used throughout the UK in very large pubs and bars, restaurants and many other sectors.

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Basic Waiter Paging System


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Choosing the right solution

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LRS Waiter Paging Systems Components

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