TX9560EZ Transmitter

Kitchen Transmitter

The TX9560EZ transmitter from LRS has been designed for use in busy kitchens in a restaurant environment from the ground up; based on our older design transmitter but now with massive updating and enhancements this unit offers the chance of improving staff efficiency dramatically.

This is one of the biggest selling professional transmitters available for a pager solution available today.

Twenty one press paging buttons for the chef

Made to exacting specifications this new transmitter is developed specifically for working professional kitchen to waiter use; able to page our waiter pager and message pagers this unit has proved to be a winner in busy kitchens; range is up to at least 500 metre but can be enhanced with range extenders; the TX9560EZ can run off integral batteries for up to eight hours or from UK mains; pager numbers from 1 to 999; heat resistant casing.

The 9560 series has been our biggest selling unit for restaurant kitchen paging going back years. This is a self contained unit that can operate on mains or rechargeable battery (included as standard) for up to 8 hours of use. These are used in professional kitchens throughout the UK from smaller premises to very large operations and in corporate accounts.

Range is typically 500 metre which is more than adequate for most restaurants - and we don't have any restaurant currently anywhere in the UK that needs a booster so output power is perfect.

Typically this unit can 'one touch' message page waiters or servers so chef's love this unit. Typically this transmitter can message a text pager or our SP4 waiter unit for fast efficient communications that will increase deliveries of food and turn tables quicker in a restaurant environment.

But the TX9560EZ is not just for kitchens! This unit can be used in many different sectors of business as shown throughout this website.

Made from robust materials that are impervious to the sort of usual shock that is usually applied to these type of products, the unit should last for many years to come and we can maintain this transmitter if necessary over time right here in the UK.

The transmitter is heat resistant and can operate around hot pass and other areas within reason. We have recently developed a new hot pass mounting plate that is extremely strong that mounts on to the back of the white plate shown and then clamps on to the hot pass or other areas with one or two included thumb screw clamps. The mounting plate does carry a small cost, but it is extremely high quality and also powder coated so that it looks as good as it works.

Similarly to all other LRS products the TX9560EZ is CE approved and RoHS compliant and all documentation is available upon request.

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TX9560EZ Transmitter