TX9560MT Guest, Patient or Staff Transmitter

Guest Pager or Staff Paging Transmitter

The TX9560MT transmitter from LRS has been designed to recall guests, patients or customers in most environments. Based on our previous design transmitter but now with massive updating and enhancements this unit offers the ability to contact customers or patients for a fast recall improving the customer flow and increasing staff efficiency dramatically. The T9560MT can also be used for paging staff when set up in 'staff' mode that has huge effect on staff efficiency within business. The T9560MT has no less than six custom types of pager message that can easily be utilised by simply pressing one of the blue buttons on the right of the keypad.

Often overlooked but importantly, the TC9650MT is capable of being used with other TX9560MT transmitters to the same pagers. Because of the way our solutions work, staff are notified exactly which transmitter the messaging was received from and can respond accordingly. For example in staff mode you might have a transmitter in reception, one behind the bar and maybe one elsewhere on the premises. By using the system in this way we can offer a unique solution that most other competitive devices do not offer. For one of the best low cost but highest selling transmitters we have available the TX9560 series meets the bill exactly. This is a very robust and effective communications solution.

If you need the transmitter to be used around an area within your business for the TX9560MT that is no problem. The unit has internal rechargeable batteries that will last at least eight hours from a full charge (depending on usage) so the transmitter is fully portable and free to be carried around. Sometimes depending on a particular circumstance this transmitter is one of the few available from any company that supports portable transmitter paging. If you need that facility then this or its sibling (specifically for staff paging) the TX9560EZ is for you.

Portable excellence

Made to exacting specifications this transmitter is developed specifically for recalling customers or patients when necessary, but also has a staff paging mode. This is able to page all of our guest pagers (or staff pagers in staff mode) including the new CS7 series customer pager this unit has proved to be a winner in multiple situations providing a solid solution for handling any type of queue or contacting staff. Range is up to 1/2 mile but can be enhanced with range extenders at low cost and very easily. The TX9560MT can run off integral batteries for up to eight hours or from UK mains power. Pager numbers from 1 to 999 are supported and this unit has a heat resistant casing.

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TX9560MT Guest, Patient or Staff Paging Transmitter