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LRS are authorized for most brands of wireless radio supply and support; it is critical when considering walkie talkie solutions that customers use these solutions that best suit their sector of business to avoid incompatible products or increased costs without any actual benefit to the user. Communication is important in most business whether its for security, between staff or other use such as lone worker radios; we have many years of experience with supplying both licensed and license free solutions and are able to integrate radios in to your current radio solution. Below is a selection of products from our range, but we also have many other products and accessories available.

Motorola XT400 Series

The Motorola XT400 series - built tough to do business better

license-free analogue

One of the benefits of using the XT400 Series radio is that it delivers loud and clear audio output uniquely because of its tightly specified RF performance with built-in 1500mW loudspeaker and wind-noise reduction. The user can select from 8 channels and 219 privacy codes to ensure a digital clear signal.


FULLY Customised channel VOICE announcements will confirm exactly which channel you’re on. You can concentrate on serving customers. It is possible to designate 16 pre-recorded channel names to suit departments, such as security, service, external security, maintenance andothers..
The carry holster uses a swivel clip that can rotate the XT400 Series radio into a comfortable position. Move freely as you bend to pick up a tool or reach to restock a shelf.


It is possible to put the XT400 radios in to a voice-activated (VOX) mode (with or without any audio accessory) the to communicate hands-free without pressing the push-to-talk (PTT) button. Its easy to multi-task, check in a guest at reception or call customer services to help with the front desk in your hotel. As workers change shifts, they can pass on radios confidently in the knowledge that the XT400 will work time and time again safely because of an antimicrobial coating..


Blowing Rain: tested with steady rainfall and wind for 30 minutes on every surface of the radio
Salt Fog: 48 hours of exposure
Temperature: Multiple hours of exposure to storage temperatures as low as -55° C and as high as
70° C

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HTQ TH-2800 Series

TH-2800 Series

licensed analogue

This radios is one of the highest quality entry level licensed two-way radios that you can buy; clear audio with this radio and very robust design. Simple operation and controls, coupled with versatile and advanced features, let the TH-2800 out-perform many higher priced competitors.

  • Compact 'hand friendly' design and weight
  • IP54 environmental protection
  • 16 channels
  • Motorola style 2 pin accessory jack
  • Noisy/quiet environment microphone settings
  • 700 mW of high quality audio
  • 1800 mAh Li-ion battery pack 7.2v
  • 3 signaling protocols - CTCSS, DCS and PTT ID (DTMF)
  • 2 function buttons with fully assignable functions
  • Voice annunciation (switchable) for channel and features
  • Programmable scan functions - all/selected channels plus priority
  • Dimensions 107 x 61 x 35mm (exc.aerial), 225g (inc.battery)
  • Configurable VOX, BCLO, TOT, high/low power
  • Programmable power save
  • Rental timer
  • ESN
  • Ideal for open space usage

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Hytera PMR P3D3 Series

DMR P3D3 Series

licensed-license-free analogue-or-digital

 Small-size Design Using a Micro USB With Charging Dual Modes (Analogue & Digital) For Superior Audio Digital Migration Wireless Radio

  • Pocket-size design and easy to carry
  • Four programmable buttons
  • Micro USB port for easy charging
  • Radio more compact through creative antenna design
  • In digital mode, radio operates up to 12 hours using a duty cycle of 5-5-90
  • Dual mode ensures smooth migration from analogue to digital
  • Voice communication includes private, group and all call
  • Workgroups and user groups can easily be configured with unique CTCSS/CDCSS to stop unwanted conversations on the same frequency of the spectrum
  • Radios can be enabled to continuously scan each analogue and digital channel
  • Supports messaging with up to 64 characters
  • Supports a one touch feature for pre-programmed text messages and voice calls
  • High quality speaker for clear audio
  • Cost-effective digital experience

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Opus T2 Series

About the Opus T2

licensed-license-free analogue

This highly-efficient license-free radio that is simple to use is the perfect communication tool for any organizations Coupling the convenience of a robust, rugged and functional design with the features and high
performance of a quality licensed business radio, designed to meet the needs of all industries the Opus T2 is very popular.

Why choose the Opus T2? The Opus T2 should be the first choice for any radio user or organisation seeking a reliable, high quality, simple to use, business grade radio for License or License free.

The T2 is simplicity itself to operate thanks to it's ergonomic design, loud and clear audio and impressive  communication range. The robust, high quality sealed casing keeps it operating in a wide range of tough workplace environments. When your users, workplace or application have specialist requirements, the Opus T2 is supported by a wide range of quality accessories.

License-free PMR446
Two versions of the Opus T2 are available. For shorter range, license-free use, where privacy is less important or compatibility with existing PMR446 radios is required choose the Opus T2-446 version.

License free radios are not always capable of delivering the range required for customers, occasionally if channels get congested with other third party users, then choose the Opus T2-PRO. This higher power gives far  greater communication range; allows a wide range of options that making it perfect for use in professional radio applications.The Opus T2-PRO is preset to be used with the Ofcom 'Simple UK license'.

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Hytera PD400 Series

Hytera PD400 Series

licensed digital

A small, elegant and light design a with double channel capacity facility. The dual mode (Analogue & Digital) ensures that there will be a smooth migration from analogue to digital.

  • Private call, Group call and All call
  • Small, Sleek, Light
  • In digital mode, the radio operates up to 16 hours under a duty
  • cycle of 5-5-90 @1500mAh.
  • IP55 & MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
  • Pre-programmed Text Message
  • Support one touch pre-programmed text messages and voice calls.
  • Dual Mode (Analogue & Digital) ensures a smooth migration from analogue to digital.
  • DMRA Direct Mode TDMA (True 2-slot) supports two voice calls simultaneously.
  • Voice-operated Transmit (VOX) allows you to trigger the voice transmission by voice directly.
  • Analogue & Digital Mixed Channel automatically detects the signal type and switches between analogue and digital modes as required


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Kenwood TK3501 Series

Kenwood TK3501 Series

license-free analogue

The TK-3501 portable has been developed for the use of beginner's to experts the TK-3501e is the natural successor to the legendary ProTalk TK-3301 and is sure to win a strong base of dedicated users quickly. It will be launched with the TK-3401D dPMR446 and between them will take Kenwood’s leadership in professional PMR446 to new levels.

This license-free two-way radio includes a 1130mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery, charger and belt clip;
it includes all accessories needed to work in the pack. Users will understand just how light (210g) this radio is. Yet, there is no compromise on build quality; it meets or exceeds the IP54 dust and water intrusion standards and MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F & G environmental standards, so it's tough enough for outdoor use in any weather.

The powerful BTL amplifier delivers 1.5 watt audio output, giving clear and sharp audio between radios. Users can change several settings within the radio, channel frequency, QT tone or DQT code without using FPU. With the receivers’ RX circuit optimised to the fixed antenna, talk range allows you  to communicate within 9km (in open locations).

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