On-Cue Plans for Wait List Management

Available Plans for On-Cue Waitlist App

Using LRS On-Cue plans could not be simpler; its free as a download form iTunes; but if you want to integrate other solutions available from us you will need a plan that suits your exact needs; no problem, we have a number of low cost simple payment options that are suitable for every customers budget.

When you download On-cue from the internet and use it there are a number of SMS texts available for free; but if you are serious about using the On-cue waitlist for your restaurant or healthcare environment then the simple answer is to sign up to these lowest cost plans as shown below.

Low cost and affordable

On-Cue can operate without buying these services from LRS, but if you want a complete low cost solution then the On-Cue monthly or annual plans for sms and reporting make sense.

Provided free in all plans:

  •  Unlimited parties
  •  Connect 5 tablets per location
  •  Connect unlimited transmitters
  •  Unlimited users
  •  Table Management
  •  Multi-device sync

Alternatives include:

Trial Basic Professional
Unlimited Trial Period
200 SMS Messages per month
1,000 SMS Messages
per month
Unlimited SMS Messages
per month

Each service (except for the trial period) carries a cost for the SMS text messaging. Please contact us for the pricing structure for SMS text service.

Of course, you do not have to have an SMS plan to operate the On-Cue application - which is also free to download from Apple iTunes store. We have many customers that simply don't use sms messaging and use the software completely free.

Using On-Cue is simple but powerful. It offers a great way of managing wait lists with a visual and textural interface that makes using a pencil and paper seem like something relegated to history - and for the most part it is!

See a complete wait-list in easy to follow representation on the iPad screen with all relevant information at hand so that you can manage tables and/or customers waiting for their table. See exactly how long someone has been waiting to ensure that they are handled within specified time limits set by the organisation in a restaurant situation. Use On-Cue for other business sectors of business where managing wait times could be critical to the operation of the company. Easy, fast and will undoubtedly increase efficiency of all involved staff.

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the LRS Connect cloud that collects data for LRS products will retain only 90 days of data by default. An extended data plan is available for those interested in storing data beyond 90 days for up to two years.  It is possible to export all data currently on the LRSConnect system before December 31 2017 from the LRSConnect dashboard.

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